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By Vivek Prasad, INN, @infodeaofficial, Trivandrum;

There aren’t many avenues where one can make a fruitful career without any specialisation or a post-graduate degree. However, event management is one such option where all one needs in terms of qualification is an innovative mind, good networking skills and co-ordinating with client. Infodea News Network tells you more. 

Steamrolling at a rate of over 25 per cent and poised to continue the same trend over the next few years (as per a research by Ernst & Young recently), the event management industry has become a gateway of opportunities for many a youth.

From conducting campaigns at shopping complexes, colleges, schools and corporate  IT  parks to mega events like the Commonwealth Games, Bollywood awards, IPL, Formula One, concerts and mega kitty parties — there is a plethora of growth opportunites for the youth . In the last decade, several PR agencies agencies have established a niche for themselves through hosting mega events.

The industry is about organising professional and focused events for a target audience. It involves visualising concepts and planning, budgeting, organising and executing events. Similarly, with brands looking for new ways to connect with their buyers — experiential campaigns have caught their fancy. Numerous brands  have committed a sizeable chunk of their marketing budgets to experiential campaigns.

These campaigns involve consumers in the brand experience and create a desire in them to try and buy the product. Now with the exponential spurt in the domain of social media, almost each event is further amplified to millions extending the experience across boundaries. It is a process that brings pure excitement.

What one can do

To define it very broadly one could get in any of the three key functions in an event management firm:

  • Client servicing & business development:It is job of the event managers to get and retain business. The team meets with clients on a regular basis, understands their requirements and ensures that they are fulfilled.
  • Out of the box concepts & design: These are the people who come up with  innovative ideas and exciting concepts that form the core of each event.
  • Operations: They ensure that promises of the client servicing team are kept and the concepts of the creative team are executed flawlessly. They deal with vendors, venues, manpower and take care of all logistics of the event to ensure the perfect execution.

One can start the career in the event management field either by joining any event management company as a trainee/apprentice or by joining an event management institute as a student. The advantage of the latter is that you can learn things quickly and become a certified event management professional in no time.

Organising events and fests in school and college is a good start. Not only does it give a student a fair idea of what to expect but also help discover passion and potential.

Skill you need-

If you have an appetite for challenges and would like to work in a dynamic, fast-paced environment where no two projects are the same, a career in event management will suit you. Here are some that make for a basic checklist:

  • Innovation is the mantra: Each event requires a new theme and concept. It helps to have a finger on the pulse of the audience to create exciting ideas.
  • Persuasive skills:You need lots of it — to deal with clients, with managers of the celebs one wants for the event and a host of vendors to get things done.
  • Ability to work under pressure:One should remain calm,cool and collected at all times, so that others are not adversely affected.  Remember, it’s all about putting up a good show in the righ?.
  • Planning, co-ordination and organising skills:There is a lot to be done at each event and everything needs to work with clockwork precision. Many times you may be handling more than one event at any given time.
  • Good networking talents: An event manager needs to build his network. And the more contacts he has, the more successful he will be. One must, therefore, be able go out and talk to people, and maintain that acquaintance.

The starting salary for the newly recruits is generally anywhere in the range of Rs 15,000-20,000 per month. However, within a short span of two to three years, depending on one’s ability, this can increase exponentially. So, the incremental growth prospects in terms of salaries are very high in this sector. Besides, there is also a provision for earning incentives and commissions through novel business development models.

Given the relatively untapped potential in urban and rural markets, domestic and international markets and in the brand and consumer engagement zones, the events industry is on to phenomenal growth.

All the large event management companies have come together and formed EEMA — the Event and Entertainment Management Association which keeps organsing training seminars and workshops for aspirants who are keep to know more and join this field. One needs to be updated about the latest trends and happenings of this exciting industry.

For those who enjoy a racy life, love to socialise, and don’t mind working in odd hours — this is the field to be in.

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