Test yourself before the real test

By: Ching Aquino, @infodeaofficial, Philippines;

Earlier, admission in college was a privileged for some, but thanks to the Free Tertiary Education of the current administration, pursuing college education has not just been a privilege but the right of the Filipinos. Choosing the right school and college might be one of the biggest decisions that we will make in our lives. It also symbolizes how young dorky people like us have been and how weundergo metamorphosis and move a step closer to face adulthood.

Many of us aspire to enter a good school, or an excellent academic institution is what we all dream of. Whether it’s a local community college, a vocational centre or a big university, to be accepted is our main goal, and what better way to choose the best students through tests.

Over the years, entrance exams have been the norm and the dread of having no idea what to answer to the Math question, or even not knowing what to do to arrive to an answer in the Physics section or just simply not knowing the similar meaning of a word you didn’t know existed. We’ve all been through it, and all wished that luck was in our side. But there are ways to lessen this dilemma.

It’s always better to get ahead of everyone by starting to review early. Let’s face it, Math is not an easy thing to deal with so if you’re not gifted (like me), months before the exam you should go through the books thoroughly and try to memorize essential formulas, knowing the basics of Algebra, Geometry and Trigonometry will do wonders. Review Centres are held months prior the test but if you don’t have any money to enrol; borrowing reviewers from previous test takers is also good. There are also reviewers available online. As practice is the key, reading books, passages, solving sample question papers help.

Doing so will help you exercise, conditioning and prepare your brain for the big day. Read a lot as knowledge is acquirable and keep aside your worries as it will aggravate the more you worry. If you are not familiar with the Gas Laws or even the process of cell division, go to the library and read a Science book and of course research on the internet for better clarity. If you’re not familiar to the meaning of a word look it up, make sure to learn something new every day. And most important of all, Pray as God helps those who help themselves. You already did your job, let the Almighty guide you to fulfill your dreams.

Aside from these tips, processing your application accurately is a must and all these with a good health will be a smooth process. Picture yourself entering a school is a good motivation as well. Just work hard and it will eventually pay-off. College exams may be a dread for some, but for a well – acquainted student, this is a battle you will be able to win. Turn that dread into confidence.

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