Sleep is not a commodity!

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In recent times, the need to advocate for sleep has increased with an adrenaline-high world running on stimulants. Sleep gives our body time to repair; our hormones the chance to regulate and our brain consolidates memory. And the need for junk and oil-laden food during the night shift is because of lack of sleep.

Sleep 101: Why Sleep Is So Important to Your Health | The Pursuit |  University of Michigan School of Public Health | Adolescent Health | Child  Health | Chronic Disease | Epidemic | Mental Health | Obesity

But the economical world is viewing this as an opportunity to induce products that make one believe that it will offer a good night’s sleep. Products such as essential oil, sleeping mask, night creams apps, and supplements do offer a good sleep but it is essential to find the root cause of the problem rather than investing in these products. Sure there are few products that don’t cause any problem to the skin, but it’s highly recommended to do deep research before buying these items.

Sleep is not a commodity that is brought in exchange for money, instead, it is a necessity that the body requires. Sleep regulates our look, performance, and our quality of life. Before the 1950s, most people believed sleep was a passive activity during which the brain and body were dormant, this was rules out as a myth by Johns Hopkins, a neurologist, and sleep expert. Instead, he believes that the brain is engaged in a number of activities necessary to life during the sleeping period.

These products trick us into buying them without looking deep into the problem ourselves. It just needs a little bit of introspection to understand why is our sleep cycle disturbed? Is it because of anxiety? Or is it work-stress? Or do I have sleep apnoea- is a potentially serious sleep disorder in which breathing repeatedly stops and starts. ? According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, and adults should get 7 to 8 hours of good quality sleep and teenagers should get 8  or 9 1/4 hours.

And since sleep deprivation has become a raising issue, it now even easier to sell it as a luxury project. A German company Milchkristalle has made profits by selling “Night Milk”, from cows milked at night. It results in 2o times more sleep hormone melatonin than the standard milk, reported by Sleep Review. Reported by Business Insider, that a  start-up Helix Sleep, launched on the 4th of August 2015 will persuade one to buy their mattress online, according to their preference and customization particularly based upon feel, temperature, regulation, and support. Along with these accessories A plethora of ‘natural’ products such as herbal supplements, sleep-inducing apps, and recordings, are available alongside medicines to help consumers with insomnia. By November 2014, according to, the Sleep Cycle alarm clock saw 6.1 million downloads on iPhones.

Sleep, like most things in life, is a consequence of how we operate through the day, our activity, thoughts, interactions with those around us which requires a natural solution except for those suffering from sleep disorders. If we hold on to poor routines, habits, and relationships, all the white noise machines, self-affirmation apps, customizable mattresses in the world will only be band-aids that simply do not address the real reason we are not sleeping well and making us dependable on them. A little amount of self-introspection along with meditation and avoiding the electronic gadgets will surely provide one with a good night’s sleep resulting in getting up fresh the next day.


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