5 Yoga Poses to Boost Immunity and Reduce Stress

Riya Yadav, INN/Gwalior, @infodeaofficial

Yoga Poses to Boost Immunity and Reduce Stress.

  • Virabhadrasana

Strengthens your shoulder, arms, legs, ankles and back. Energizes the entire body.

Technique 1. Stand legs wide apart and point your left foot out. 2. Bend your left knee at 90 degrees.3. stretch your right leg back completely without bending the knee. Your heels should be aligned. 4. Stretch your arm up in Anjali Mudra keeping them next to your ears. 5. Look up and tighten your butt. 6. Inhale and stretch your upper body backward, while it faces the direction of the left foot. 7. Make sure the soles of the feet are pressed firmly to the ground. Hold the posture and breathe there. 8. Keep your focus at the heart region for extra benefit to the thymus gland. 9. Gradually come out of the posture, by reversing the sequence. 10. Repeat by switching the sides.

  • Ushtrasana.

Ushtra in sanskrit means camel. Ustrasana or camel pose creates mobility in the spine. The entire frontal part of the torso gets stretched. The neck opens up , this activates the thyroid glands, activating metabolism. The shoulder gets a good stretch and the chest muscles are expanded. This regularises breathing. It is a posture that engages the entire body and strengthens the deeper muscles at the core.

Technique: 1. Stand on your knee, with the knees as wide as the hips. 2. Keep the toes curled inwards. 3. Inhale deeply and as you exhale bend backwards to grip your ankles one by one. 4. Drop your head back completely. 5. Now exhale and push your hip forward, as much as possible, with the palms still gripping the ankles. 6. Exhale slowly while holding the posture. 7. Inhale slowly as you let your heels, stretching the torso and arms forward, into sharangat mudras.

  • Kaliasana.

It is a powerful posture that strengthens the whole body. This asana boosts blood circulation and metabolism. It also signals the nervous system to relax, sending calming signals. The stretching up of the torso in kali asana, forces the lungs open, and supplies oxygen to the entire body. So, while the body gets more active and energetic, the nerves are relaxed, and start functioning more efficiently. Kaliasana is a great strength building posture. Technique 1. Stand straight with your feet wider than the hip. 2. Turn your feet out, at a 45-degree angle. 3. Inhale and stretch your hands up next to the ears. 4. Keep your elbows straight and palms pressed together. 5. Exhale slowly as you bend your knees and lower your body. 6. Lower your hips till they are at the same level as your knees.

  • Kandharasana

Kandha in sanskrit means Shoulder, this is also called the shoulder pose. In kandharasana, while lying down on the back, you bend your knees with the feet on the ground and raise the hips and back up, and press the shoulders down. This posture tightens the buttocks and the hamstrings, at the back of the legs, improving blood flow and strengthening these muscles. The pelvic region is squeezed, releasing all the tension in this area and strengthening the pelvic floor as well as the pelvic organs. The back muscles are contracted to lift the hip. This strengthens the deep muscles of the back, supporting and strengthening the spinal column. The shoulders are stretched well, and the lungs are completely expanded. This sends oxygen to the

 entire body and flushes out toxins, building a strong immunity. Technique: 1. Lie down on your back with the hands straight down by your sides. 2. Bend your knees and keep the feet on the ground close to the buttocks. 3. Keep the feet as wide as your hips. 4. Exhale slowly and raise your hips and back off the floor. 5. Keep the shoulders and neck pressed down on the mat. 6. Once the hips are high enough, bend your elbows and place your palms under the hips. 7. Tuck your elbows under the shoulders. 8. Breathe deep.

  • Dhanurasana.

Dhanur in sanskrit means a bow posture, the whole body is stretched like a bow. A powerful backward bend, Dhanurasana increases lung capacity, removes blockages in the respiratory tract and allows deep breathing. Technique: 1. Lie down on your stomach. 2. Keep the thighs hip width apart. 3. Bend your knees and hold the ankles. 4. Inhale deeply and lift your upper body and legs up. 5. Keep the big toes crossed. 6. Keep the elbows straight and curve the back like a bow. 7. Look up slightly and take deep breaths in the posture. 8. Exhale and relax.

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