120 Indian Laborers Stranded in Jordan: Urgent Appeal from 120 Workers Stranded Indian Laborers in Jordan for Assistance

– Desperation Mounts as 120 Workers Plead for Support from PM Modi and Indian Government

Guarav Priyankar

Gaurav Priyankar, INN/Chennai @PriyankarGaurav


In a distressing incident, around 120 Indian laborers find themselves trapped in Jordan, facing dire conditions, and are reaching out to Prime Minister Modi and the Indian government for swift assistance. The workers, hailing from states including Bihar, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh, and Odisha, have been stranded for an extended period, enduring severe hardships.

Unpaid Salaries and Expired Work Permits Compound Woes

The workers, who had migrated to Jordan in search of livelihood, reveal that they have not received their salaries for the past four months. Adding to their plight, the validity of their work permits, known as Iqama, has expired, leaving them without essential support from the local administration. Most of these laborers are now facing a precarious situation due to the dual challenges of unpaid wages and lapsed work permits.

120 Indian Laborers Stranded in Jordan: T Garments – The Troubled Employer

These laborers were employed through a Delhi-based company called T Garments. Initially, they were working in two Jordanian companies, Asil Garments and Hi Apparel. Despite assurances from the employer regarding pending salaries, the workers allege that the promises were repeatedly broken, leading to their current predicament.

Exacerbating Crisis – Basic Needs Unmet

Living in the Saheb Al Tamash area of Jordan, the laborers highlight their desperate situation. Apart from the financial crisis, they express concerns about basic needs such as water scarcity, making even daily tasks like using the toilet and bathing challenging.

Communication Breakdown with Indian Embassy Raises Alarms

The workers claim to have reached out to the Indian Embassy multiple times, seeking assistance. However, their appeals seem to have fallen on deaf ears, with no response from the embassy. Earlier, they could contact embassy officials, but recently, even that line of communication has been severed. Fearing for their safety, the workers are urgently calling for repatriation to India.

Iqama and Work Permit Complications

The issue is further complicated by the expiration of Iqama, the document allowing on-arrival visas in Jordan for migrant workers. The lapse of the Iqama period prevents the laborers from taking legal action against the non-compliant company at the local level. Some workers were also operating on the basis of work permits and work visas, critical documents ensuring legal authorization to work in Jordan.

Indian Embassy’s Response and Ongoing Efforts

Upon reaching out to the Indian Embassy in Jordan, the First Secretary acknowledged the issue. The embassy clarified that the company employing the workers is facing financial challenges, and Jordanian authorities are actively addressing the matter. The embassy is closely monitoring the situation, emphasizing a resolution to the outstanding dues by the company.

Urgent Plea for Repatriation

As the workers endure their plight, the urgency of their plea for repatriation grows. They look towards the Indian government, Prime Minister Modi, and concerned authorities to intervene swiftly and bring them back to India, providing much-needed relief and assistance.

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