NHRC rejects allegation of leak of report on post-poll violence in West Bengal

Manjil Das, INN/Chennai
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On Thursday, the NHRC dismissed “baseless and factually wrong” accusations of leakage from the rights panel of a report produced by its committee to examine post-poll violent events in West Bengal. The National Commission on Human Rights stated in a declaration that on 13 July the panel presented the findings to the High Court of Calcutta.

“The NHRC denies media accusations concerning the leak of the report concerning post-poll violence in West Bengal,” stated the statement.

The panel of rights has stated that as the report has previously been provided to the parties in accordance with the Court’s Directive, there is “no matter of NHRC leaking.”

The statement states that the attribution of the purported leak to the NHRC is “fundamentally and factually wrong.”

In line with instructions of the High Court of the Hon’ble Calcutta, the NHRC has already shared the copy of the report with the “advocates of the parties concerned.”

In accordance with the instructions of the Calcutta High Court the Commission had formed the Committee to investigate post-poll violence in the state.

“The committee gave its Calcutta defender, on the further instructions of the tribunal, with a copy, which shared the associated multiple petitions with the advocates of all the parties concerned,” stated the statement.

“As a sub judge the NHRC committee, no other entity beyond the one named by the honourable court did disclose its report,” she said.

The committee urged a CBI probe into “grievous acts like murder and rape” in its report to the Calcutta High Court and advised that certain cases be prosecuted outside the state.

However, the storey aroused the fury of Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, who said the group was carrying out “political vendets” in the media on behalf of the BJP.


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