Will it be a smooth sailing affair in Maharashtra?

C.D.S. Mani, IIN/Chennai, @infodeaofficial

Maharashtra was a subject matter of high interest for everyone right from political scholars and common folk. The reason being one great question of who would make it to power post the assembly polls.

There was some suspence element added to it as many political parties were trying their luck amidst an amount of uncertainity. The suspense element was done away when Devendra Fadnavis sworn in as Chief Minister of Maharashtra.

While Fadnavis came to power again after weaning away an indeterminate number of NCP MLAs led by Ajit Pawar, what remains to be seen is will things remain smooth or will there be a movement over a rugged terrain.

He is likely to find the ground shifting under his feet if the anti defection law is enforced by the assembly Speaker when the floor test is called on a date and time ordered by the Supreme Court.

Talking to Infodea, political analyst M. Kasinathan said Bjp-Ajit Pawar alliance of convenience will find it tough to prove its support of 170 MLAs should anti defection law be applied while Shiv Sena-Congress- NCP group makes good its claim of support from 162 MLAs in the 288-member Maharashtra assembly.

So after an initial setback when Ajit Pawar threw his weight behind Devendra Fadnavis, Sena chief Uddhav Thackeray may have the last laugh. The apex court has to order a floor test when it takes up hearing at 10.30 am on Tuesday either the same day or the next to put a full stop to horse trading and hotel hopping by MLAs. 

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