Want to pursue Science subjects for higher education? Here’s what these IIT profs have to say

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Education is in the middle of a hectic digital revolution right now with technology playing an integral role in how lessons are both delivered and how learning is taking place. Teaching remotely requires a different approach. Indeed, science and technology play a vital part during the lockdown. Science and technology are everywhere around us in the world. Science isn’t a thing that can be done away with. It is the observation and study of the world around us.

COVID-19 crisis has forced schools and colleges to go online indefinitely. It has both negative and positive impacts on students. Students have to shift towards online education without any preplanned strategy especially in our country, where the backbone of the syllabus is not proper. Online learning draws less attention than offline learning.

Want to pursue Science subjects for higher education? Here's what these IIT  profs have to say - Education Today News

A lot has changed in this unpredictable situation, everyone has been affected greatly but for students, there are multiple scenarios in which they got affected. But today students are enough capable to figure out their problems and direct their talent to an appropriate career path.

Professors of IIT Madras to help all the students who want to pursue their career with science subject.

The inspiration behind studying science

A scientist or a scientific discovery normally inspires us and those who are wanting to join the science field. One needs to be passionate about science to enter into science. Success in other fields can be achieved by practice also, but in science, apart from being intelligent, passionate, and patient towards the field is also essential. Science technology and innovation are increasingly important to our economic well-being and quality of life.

Dr. Neelima Gupte said, “Science was my favorite subject since my school days, even in my own family, everyone had a science degree. My mother was a science teacher and she used to teach me math’s at home.” When questioned about her inspiration behind taking Science subjects.

She further added, “The best and interesting thing about existing in this field is to know that there are no miracles exist in life and that every phenomenon that occurs is an outcome of physical principles and natural laws.”

Another professor of IIT Madras, Dr. Deepa Venkatesh said, “Science, especially Physics, made a lot of sense to me, all credit to the excellent teachers who taught me in middle school and high schools.”

“I appreciate all the toy experiments that explained the basic principles of Physics. Everyday in our life there are lots of phenomena happening around us — be it a rainbow of colors in a soap bubble or a mirage — can be explained with Physics. This increased my faith towards the subject,” Dr. Venkatesh added.

She also said, “This also gave me the confidence that anyone can now use the principles of Physics to build useful technology.”

How to deal with pressure

Our human brain works in a fascinating way. It can understand others problems and find solutions for them easily but becomes dumb when it needs to solve it’s own. But if you believe that you can do it, no matter what others says, how much pressure others put, then you do everything very easily.

When asked about the pressure that is put on students to opt for science as a subject, Dr Venkitesh said, “It is a basic human brain tendency to attract towards in an effort based on the potential results. In that sense, competitive exams may be a motivator for them- but that is not the end by itself.”

She further added, “Competitive exams is the great source because it creates an environment where success depends on how one can think most smartly and how they implement in the shortest time.”

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