five “C”s to develop and 3Cs to be denounced: Venkaiah Naidu

Vice President stresses on upgrading knowledge and curriculum relevant to digital age

By INN, Delhi;  @infodeaofficial;

Calling on the graduating class to be conscious of social structure, national outlook, culture, heritage and respect parents and teachers, the Vice President of India, Mr. Venkaiah Naidu evoked Mahatma Gandhi’s saying that education without character is worthless. “Character, caliber, capacity, conduct and compassion are the important five “C”s to develop and caste, community and cash are the 3Cs to be denounced”, he said.

Speaking at the Special Convocation of SRM University at Kattenkulathur recently, The Vice President said that higher education in India is passing through a phase of unprecedented expansion, marked by an explosion in the volume of students followed by substantial expansion in the number of institutions and a quantum jump in the level of public funding. “The enormity of the challenge of providing equal opportunities for quality higher education to ever-growing number of students is also a historic opportunity for correcting sectoral and social imbalances, reinvigorating institutions, creating new benchmarks of excellence and extending the frontiers of knowledge”, the Vice President said.

Tamil Nadu leads in higher education by numbers with a gross enrollment ratio of 44.3 compared to 24.5 nationally and the state has a female GER of 42.4 compared to 23.6 nationally, said minister for Higher Education Mr. K.P. Anbalagan. The Minister said that quality and inclusiveness gave Tamil Nadu a high standing nationally with 24 institutions in the state among the top 100 institutions nationally due to the good work in higher education which started during the tenure of the former Chief Minister, J Jayalalithaa and continuing till date.

6000 diploma, under graduate, post graduate and doctoral students in various disciplines from the Faculties of Engineering and Technology, Science and Humanities, Medical and Health Sciences and Management received their degrees during the special convocation. About 185 students were conferred Gold, Silver and Bronze medals for their academic achievements.

Stating that the vision of education is to realize a greater access to people especially the vulnerable sections, the Vice President said that multi-tasking has become very important to meet the global competition and its imperative for teachers to update their knowledge and quickly learn Information and Communication Technology. “The new ideas and curricula must be relevant to the digital age. Everything must be on line; or you will be standing in the line”,he added.


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