Mobile Journalism in today’s India

By S.Ganesh, @infodeaofficial, INN Chennai;

S. Ganesh – Guest Faculty – Journalism & communication

Mobile media has become popular because of science and technology when India’s former PM Rajiv Gandhi in 1990s paved way for modernization of telephone system along with Sam Pitroda.  For years we depended on the landline as cell or mobile phone came later only as it affords phones in remote areas or locations. PM Narendra Modi also continues on same lines as for telecom policy is concerned.  Finance Minister, Arun Jaitley moves to construct houses for marginalized people from a lower caste.  As this and also with mobile phone present government of PM Modi is doing well to everyone concerned.

Mobile phones are popular as we have access to it in a remote location, accessible to all in places landlines do not reach.  Mobile phones help communication in and out office lab or any place as instant access is possible. Technology has made mobile phone effective medium of communication today as countries such as Nigeria stock Samsung or other brands today.  As internet has advanced also into mobiles, one can access news, email etc. also on hand to carry around.

PM Modi’s policy of empowering women, in the areas of science and technology help in mobile proliferation or advancement effectively in many ways.  He is right in taking pride of India and it’s proud in all areas of society including science, technology, and relations with countries as the US.  He is right in saying public’s money is safe in government banks as in media recently and help marketing efforts as well.

The new communication innovations, technology as PM Modi envisioned as “Make in India” is working well as poor marginalized are in command as also women as the Defense Minister Nirmala Seetharaman says DRDO had a role to play in “Make in India” campaign.  A mobile telephone is a form of new media that helps in “Make in India” campaign also very well in many ways effectively.


PM Modi’s move to talk a metro line in New Delhi connecting Noida as a modernisation drive is a welcome measure in that modernization is a necessity in India although some African countries as Ethiopia or Nigeria may lack it.  Mobile phones also help in modernisation, westernisation and becoming Indian in all possible ways as today’s economy needs modernization more.  The onslaught of older values traditions customs might help in some way but modern devices as Mobile phones make lives better livable and pleasant.  It is opposed to a punishment of drudgery one needs to avoid as technology takes man further in the path of new world order.  Today’s 1000 years battles between workers and owners can be fought on platforms as in science or technology only as one is made that way.   Science or technology is not darkness or bad to man but help take a man to new world order as just as possible free from inequalities or injustices as a mobile phone is a right medium.  One who is left out of the mainstream of any kind can voice his views as science or technology has all solutions it can give as mobile phones also help dispel assumptions or rumors effectively. 

It was rumored that one who used STD services got sexually transmitted diseases such thing are in the past as there is no coordination.  The society, happenings, caste, and others might make such a thing reality in some cases but not proven although it might be a step to deter technology.  Mobiles have similar orientations but one can outsmart customs or traditions in a way he is brought up plus combination or use of education he has acquired.

Mobiles usher in information revolution as EM Rogers and Arvind Singhal speak of India’s communication Revolution in their book and it has mobiles as one mentioned. Mobiles have brought world close to India, help education, people society or modernity effectively as it is an effective communication medium in today’s India.  

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