Make the Right Choice, it’s your Future after all!

By Niharika Bhowmik, INN, Gwaliar, @NiharikaBhowmik;

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We are always told, once the 12th goes well, life is all set. There will be no worries, so on and so forth. However, as most of us would have experienced or for the batch which has just passed out this year, for them to engrave this particular notion firmly in their minds, that the 12th is not the end. The conclusion of the 12th class is in fact the point in our lives when we are  to come out of the protected schooling environment and begin looking for the pertinent institution for the pursuance of our higher education. We are to then ascertain the favourable professional courses for ourselves and make endeavours in earnest in order to get enrolled in the most prestigious colleges and institutions of the country and abroad.


There are a few major challenges and perplexities that we come across at this stage. The toughest and the most common amongst them include apprehensions and questions regarding which of these courses will suit us the most and which establishments will be offering the courses. All of them perhaps may seem a little too daunting at first, but we assure you that they are not Herculean Task and with a little bit of information, awareness and understanding, all of these problems can be effectively dealt with.


Don’t do the conventional, realize your potential

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Following what traditionally is done or is generally accepted is not at all the right thing to do at all. It is not at all necessary for you to take up Medical, Engineering or any such common courses just because your family would like you to or because most of your friends would be intended to take up the course. They wouldn’t have to put up with it for the study period and then for the rest of their lives, you will! So, put yourself first

for a second and think, what are the qualities that you have, what were the subjects that interested you more, what do you enjoy doing that will never seem a burden to you? Find out what you are really good at and never hesitate to change your stream if you wish to take up a completely different profession that is not in accordance with it.


Different kinds of professions available and in demand

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Apart from the conformist and traditional courses like medical and engineering, there are several other professions that are equally in demand in the market. Among them are Law, Business, Journalism and Mass Communication, Fashion Designing, Interior Designing, Biotechnology, Psychology, Social Media Marketing, SEO analysis etc. These are actually booming markets as per the trends recently and all of them provide an amazing range of job options. It’s not that medical and engineering are not the right choices at all. At the end of the day, it only depends upon our aptitudes, interests and preferences.


Humanities is not to be underestimated

This perception that students only taking up the science stream can flourish and be successful in life should once and for all be wiped out from our minds. Humanities too offer numerous professions that are well-paying and that provide amazing job satisfaction. The humanities stream consists of a variety of creative, imaginative, artistic and ingenious job prospects that constantly challenge and incite us to think out of the box. Also, jobs in this sector are very enjoyable provided one has a passion for this. For example, the profile of a concept developer at an advertising firm, a lifestyle reporter and content designer for a company or an organization.


Graduating in the wrong course is not the end of the world

Just in case you reach the mid of your graduation period or even the end and realize that the stream is not about to give you your dream job, or that you wanted to do something else and made a mistake etc., do not be alarmed. You can always make amends for it during your masters. There are instances when students have done their graduation in Commerce or Science stream and then end up doing their masters in Journalism and Mass Communication or Psychology, or even in English, Political Science whatsoever. Of course, switching from Humanities back to science is not possible. But there are actually various examples of people switching their stream even after their graduation and that is not at all a problem.


Several jobs do not require degree in any specific area

There are various job profiles that are open to graduation or masters in any subject. The minimum requirements to sit for the selection procedures of such profiles are graduation. These jobs are open to all the streams. Therefore, if at all there is a chance that you wish to aim for these jobs, you can get graduated in any subject of your choice and easily appear for these exams with of course the required devoted preparation and efforts. Examples of such jobs are civil services like Indian Administrative Services, several posts in Defence, Indian Police Service etc. Also, you can be a good content writer no matter which stream you come from. All you need to be is a good writer.

There are around more than 260 career options to choose from. The after class 12 period does not have to be an extremely exhausting, tedious and rocket science quiz for anyone. Once you allow yourself, it is as easy as a piece of cake. Of course, taking the right decision will be of great advantage in the long run. But there is always a chance of getting back and correcting your errors up to a certain extent. Don’t let this get on your nerves. Wait up until the next article for more career suggestions and tit-bits. Until then, we really hope this article is of some use to you and wishing you luck on your new and eventful journey!


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