Education Sector Incurred Maximum Loss Due To COVID-19: Manish Sisodia

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In the recent press conference at the GGSIP University, Mr Manish Sisodia said, “ The education sector has incurred maximum loss due to the pandemic. Reducing the learning gap is a very difficult mission to undertake, but an important one.”
Centre trying to change SC order on Delhi govt powers: Manish Sisodia |  Cities News,The Indian Express

Manish Sisodia is the Delhi Deputy Chief Minister, and the education minister stressed the newer approaches for teaching to reduce the learning gap resulting from the losses incurred by the education sector due to the pandemic.  He further added, “There is a need to come together and take the responsibility of adopting newer and better approaches to teaching and learning to reduce this learning gap”.

To adopt diverse approaches to learning during Covid, Mr Sisodia said two methods of teaching are adopted in the field of higher education all over the globe. The first one involves teaching content from four-five books and the other is to teach the children to read by taking examples from some part of the content in books

“While the first method of teaching is adopted in most of the universities in our country, the second method is mostly adopted in developed countries. COVID-19 has challenged us to adopt the second method of teaching and teach students how to learn,” Mr Sisodia said.

Manish Sisodia, also stated that it is time for us to decide what kind of approaches should be adopted in the online or semi-online modules.

According to a World Bank report India may have incurred a loss of over USD 400 billion in the country’s future earnings due to the prolonged closure of schools because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Since the pandemic, the education sector has taken a huge hit. There are many challenges faced by the students and the teachers on the online mode. The students are unable to concentrate on what is taught because of the exposure to the screen for an extended period which results in eye damage and tiredness. Since teaching on the online mode is a new venture and many teachers are not equipped with the technology.

“COVID-19 has widened the learning gap in students, and to reduce this learning gap, we have to urgently adopt novel approaches in our teaching and learning. We have to decide whether we should continue to teach our children using archaic and traditional approaches or teach them how to learn,” the education chief minister said.

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