Central government jobs: Common Eligibility Test (CET) to be conducted from early 2022

Soumya Thakur, INN/Madhya Pradesh
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Government jobs still attract the “best of the best minds of the country”. You can find people who graduated from top colleges in the country government jobs. Getting service in central government is a prestigious thing. In India, the central government job is the most secure job and payment is the best in all sectors. There is job security with regular benefits and other benefits. Most jobs in the central government are based on the competitive exam. A Central Government job is one of the most sought-after jobs in India. Those who are interested in doing this job look forward to a long career as they have Job security.

Govt jobs alert! Common Eligibility Test to be held from early 2022 - check  details

The central government will conduct a computer-based common eligibility test from 2022 for central government jobs across the country.

 “The Common Eligibility Test (CET) for a job aspirants will be conducted across the country from early next year,” said Union Minister Jitendra Singh. Minister also appreciated and thanked PM Modi for his guidance. Jitendra Singh said, “This landmark reform is also a reflection of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s deep and sensitive concern for the youth and his keenness to provide a level playing field and equal opportunities to youth across the country.”

The minister further informed that the National Recruitment Agency (NRA) for conducting the CET has been constituted with the approval of the Union Cabinet.

The National Recruitment Agency (NRA) will conduct the CET to screen/shortlist candidates for jobs in the government sector for which recruitment is presently carried out through the Staff Selection Commission (SSC), Railway Recruitment Boards (RRBs), and Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS).

Union Minister, Jitendra Singh further added that: “The most significant feature of this reform is that every district in the country will have at least one Examination Centre which would greatly enhance access to the candidates living in far-flung areas.”

Students who wish to apply for the NRA CET exam, candidates will have to register at the single registration point which will be the NRA portal.

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