What to do during your vacations?


From ‘V’ to ‘S’ every letter of vacations is filled with joy and excitement. We mostly want to chill-out and relax during this period but, the burning sun leaves no room for it. Vacations often comes with a prefix ‘summer’ attached to it making it even more difficult to step out of the house. In such case, the common terms we use are ‘bored’ or ‘boredom’. We end up watching television all day or play video games. But let’s find out what we can do to make our vacation even more interesting

Have some fun with colours

Who doesn’t love playing with colours? So why not spend some time being creative to draw or paint something. There are lots of creative techniques to paint you can opt for glass painting, stone painting, charcoal painting and many more.

Develop a reading habit


Vacations are those peaceful days to read your favourite author. Reading of newspaper, story books, and novels can help us get better insights of the world and improve our vocabulary as well. How about an interesting murder mystery?

Solve a puzzle

Solving puzzles, crosswords or playing of other brain games can enhance our thinking level. Maybe not to read some gruesome news, you can pick up the newspaper to solve a Sudoku.









Have you thought of any hobby classes, yet?

Vacations are seasonal and therefore various classes like calligraphy, abacus, music, dance and more are conducted by professionals. Based on the convenience of distance and timings you can join a class.

Try something adventurous

What is life without some adventure? Go for a trekking trip with your friends or boating with your loved ones. You can try something even more difficult like rock climbing. It helps to build self-confidence and face life without fear.


Be an explorer

Visit places like museums, forts, tombs and monuments can give us a better understanding of culture and country. You can even explore new places and find out new things about your own city.


Apart from all these, you can try gardening, swimming, fitness workouts, grooming pets, learning to repair something to invest your time this vacations.

So go try some of these and enjoy your vacation to the fullest. We can do so much more with our free time rather than sitting at home and be bored.


Happy vacations!

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