Vulgar activities of college staff made students furious, protest against the college administration

Finding the girl alone, a college staff started masturbation and jerked off on her. When the victim tried to stop him he tried to scuffle with her.

INN/Chennai, @infodeaofficial

A North Indian girl student of SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Kattangulathur was allegedly sexually harassed inside the college campus by a staff. Hostel warden and other officials of the college authority tried hushing up the issue which broke the anger of students late Thursday evening.

The undergraduate 2nd year student who stays in M block hostel was going on the 6th floor. As soon as she entered into the lift, she found a cleaner inside the lift. finding the girl alone, the cleaner started masturbation and jerked off on her. When the victim tried to stop him he tried to scuffle with her.

The victim got so scared that she started screaming. As the lift stopped at 6th floor she tried coming out but the cleaner blocked her way and misbehaved with her. She screamed her lung out which made cleaner to give her way and she somehow saved herself. This incident took place on the 22nd of November around 3 PM.

The victim who do not want to reveal her name told INN that this incident was reported first to the hostel warden but her response was cold and objectionable. warden said, “you girl wearing short clothes are the main reason for this. You girls invite such trouble for yourself with your dressing style.” This cold and bizarre response of the warden made the students astonished. They decided to take up this issue to higher authorities and went to the Director and the Registrar with their complain, but both ignored the students’s plea.

They asked student to email the complaint and give a written complaint to the concerned office. The cleaner was moving inside the campus freely, while his involvement was found to be true by the authorities and he has been identified with the help of CCTV footage. Girl students in the campus claim that this is not the first time they have noticed the same person doing so.

Many times outside the girls hostel window side he was found doing such inappropriate behavior. Even then authorities were not ready to take any action against him. When all the efforts failed the students, they decided to go for protest which happened in late evening. According to the sources no police complaint in this regard has been filed as yet.

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