The unexpected welcome to India

By: Lucie Hay, @infodeaofficial, (INN);

One vibration, I woke up. I felt the excitement growing; high above the terrain. The plane is landing I have been waiting for almost one year now and here I am, in India, the country of colors and spices.

Even in the plane some of us were not able to eat the food, because it was too spicy, and I held on to my wits and hoped to enjoy the best. Let’s see….

We collected our suitcases and went outside the airport to meet Emilie and Jean Baptise who were waiting for us.

«Oh god! This heat. How will I manage to survive here? » I thought, but I was too excited about the new life I was going to build here.

One « BEEEP » I was startled. All the car horns were sizzling together, to produce unusual city music, with which I am familiar now.

We went in the school bus to Loyola College. During the drive we saw the first face of the city: crowded buses, terrible traffic, dogs and cows everywhere, colourful dresses, street food, restaurants, shops, lights… I was sure we would meet an accident because there is no one here who obeys the traffic rules. Everything is moving more or less slowly but moving. Chennai is definitely different from my little town in France. We arrived at the college; my smile did not leave my face.

It was time to meet the hosted family with whom I will learn how to live as an Indian. I was not able to resist more.

I met my duet and her family. We talked, and to my surprise I was able to understand her, she does not have a strong Indian accent. We boarded the car and did not stop talking I was so happy and felt so comfortable with them. When we arrived to the house I had a warm welcome.

I am ready to start the Indian life with lot of hopes… fun… colours… spices too….

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