‘It is difficult to find India in English press’: Gulab Kothari

Editor in chief of Rajasthan Patrika group Gulab Kothari spoke about the spiritual dimension of journalism, and why is it necessary to encourage vernacular press

By ATHARVA PANDIT, INN, Chennai;  @AtharvaPandit3;

English newspapers fail to show the cultural image of a region which can easily be found in a regional newspaper” proclaimed Gulab Kohari the editor of Rajasthan Patrika at an event organized by Asian College of Journalism. Kothari has authored more than 50 books in both Hindi and English language and is a recipient of number of awards. “How a Tamilian live 365 days a year, her/his lifestyle can be felt through a Tamil newspaper which an English newspaper lacks to show” said Kothari.

He also urged the budding journalists to always keep in mind the reader’s reaction in order to reach their heart.

He also commented on how every language is good as long as it is just a language, and is used for communication. The chaos starts where it becomes one’s culture.

He also stressed on less number of Tamilian officers in Central Government Services and how it is a reason why people of Tamil Nadu hardly ever get to read Hindi and despite of watching Hindi movies and listening Hindi songs they do not like Hindi.

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