Amity University Gwalior organised a workshop on Internet Governance

Samarth Mishra, INN/Gwalior, @infodeaofficial

Amity School of Communication (ASCO) of Amity University Madhya Pradesh, organised a One day Workshop on Internet Governance. The key speakers for the seminar were Mr Manmeet Pal Singh, Vice President, Internet Society of Delhi & Mr Samiran Gupta, Head of India for ICANN and a veteran in business strategy and public affairs management. The workshop was aimed for the students of Journalism & Mass Communication and Computer Science.

Mr Samiran Gupta, President, ICANN

The 1st session commenced with a presentation by Mr Manmeet, who briefed the students about the importance of internet in the contemporary world and the urgency of the free internet. By ‘free internet’, Manmeet meant the freedom to express views and expression through internet, without being  under constant threat of surveillance or control by the government.

Following Manmeet, Miss Anjali Wadhwani, Chief Strategist, Linkedin, illuminated the students about tips to use linkedin professionally and effectively.

Mr Manmeet Pal Singh, Vice President, Internet Society of Delhi

The 2nd session, began with the address by Mr Samiran Gupta, who tutored the students about technical aspects and functionalities of internet. Mr Gupta began his speech by giving a brief history of internet i.e. journey of internet from its origin to the present and then explained how the internet works. He also talked about the future and scope of internet and various challenges that it faces (case of india) in the current times.

The workshop was interactive as the students were constantly engaged in conversation with the speakers and cleared their doubts and queries regarding the issue. It was a blessing for the students that such workshop was organised.

Miss Anjali Wadhwani, Chief Strategist, Linkedin

The students, especially youth should be aware of their rights when using the internet as it has now become a crucial tool of spreading information, as we are all globally connected through it. Therefore the workshop was organised, in order, to sensitize students about this concerning issue which is vital in a growing democracy that revolves around new media.

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