Three Farm Laws profitable & in favor of farmers: Narendra Singh Tomar

Since the new Agriculture laws have come, there’s no way comprehends that the farmers will be going to endure these laws. Several phases had been done between the government and the farmers, but no conclusion has come out after that.

Consequently, the conflict between the government and the farmers has not been in the tendency to cease yet. Now the Farmer’s protest has turned into the more hassle shade. Farmers have started their “KISAAN SANSAD” in Jantar Mantar in New Delhi on 22nd July.

Centre ready to consider any proposal apart form repeal of three farm laws:  Tomar | Deccan Herald

Though, Agriculture Minister Mr. Narendra Singh Tomar has reemphasized the government stance all over the conflict. He said that “the Modi government is ready to discuss all issues with the protesting farmers with an open mind.”

He further added, “Country has witnessed that these farm laws are profitable and also are in favor of farmers. We do have had discussions about Agriculture Kissan Laws. If farmers verbalize their subjects with the laws point-wise, we can discuss it.”

However, it does not know, this dispute between both farmers and the government would be going until when. The enigma of farm laws was also echoed in both the Houses of Parliament. Whereas, Shiromani Akali Dal has demanded a discussion in Rajya Sabha. Nevertheless, the opposition party is also supporting the farmers and even taking part in the protest.

Congress party leader Rahul Gandhi commenced other Congress MPs in protest near the Mahatma Gandhi statue inside the Parliament proofs.

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