Tamil Nadu becomes dump-yard of crime against women

Ramanathan Krishnan, INN/Chennai, @infodeaofficial

Tamil Nadu, once the safe haven for women, has been turning into a place of nightmare as there has been more crime against women incidents coming to the fore with the recent being the brutal killing of an aspiring actress by her husband, whose chopped head still to be traced in Chennai dump yards and a class X student who was dead due to excessive bleeding after being gang raped by five men near Chennai.
Call it a lackadaisical attitude of police, in the second case, had the police acted on the plaint lodged by the student’s parents on the very same day when she failed to return home from school, the girl would have been saved from the perpetrators and living among her parents. According to reports, the girl was forced into a shed on the way to school by a man acquainted to her and raped her along with four men he brought in later, and all of them continually raped the poor kid for five days. 
Once they found he was dead out of excessive bleeding, they buried the body in a nearby sugarcane field in Thiruvallur near Chennai. But their luck ran out after two weeks when a few labourers found a body half-buried beneath the field dug out by stray dogs, and informed the police. Though the main accused under the police net other four are still at large.
The girl neither reported to the school on that day nor came back home in the evening. When the parents approached the nearby police station the police personal in the station refused to entertain the poor parents’ complaints, and ignored it by believing that the girl would have eloped with someone. After a week or so, the girl’s parents petitioned the High Court with Habeas Corpus plea to find their daughters.
In the first case too, the aspiring Tamil film actress’ husband, who is a director, made several attempts to misguide the police and deceased’s parents, but was caught red-handed when one of the chopped-out hands of the actress was found in a dump yard which had his tattooed name. In a fit of rage, after a domestic quarrel, her husband hit her head with hammer, chopped her body parts and dispatched them in gunny bags in different dump yard locations. With her torso and head still to be traced out even after a month of crime, it is unlikely that the victim and her parents will get justice and accused get punished.
There are several such incidents that are being report from other parts of the state and country daily by media, but the law remains dormant and perpetrators know that they have several legal windows to escape punishment. In most of the cases, the criminals may escape for lack of evidence or due to political and other such influences.
The law should be enacted in such a way that such criminals who committed heinous crimes should be be-headed like the law prevalent in UAE and other gulf countries. Such punitive law should hesitate people even think of such crime against women.

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