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Eat healthy, defeat COVID-19

Biplab Das, INN/Kolkata, @Infodeaofficial  Until the cure of coronavirus is developed, all of us must pay attention to cleanliness and safety measures to keep ourselves safe. Apart from this, the most important thing is that...


New fortified rice may hold the key

Micro nutrient deficiency can be done away BY– S. Vishnu Sharma, INN/Chennai, @svs037 Poor people are often compelled to stay away from intake of micro nutrients as they may not be able to afford vegetables...


Diversify our food production: Venkaiah Naidu

Enhance home cultivation By- SVS, INN/Chennai, @svs037 It is time that we diversify our food production by moving away from mono cropping of major cereals to a system that integrates a variety of food items including...