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Counted among the growing countries in the world, growth and development are stunned in parts of the country. There places where development is lagging behind and organizations are working to close the gap.

“Sivasagar, previously spelled Sibsagar is a city in the Sivasagar district of Assam in India with approx population of 11 lakhs. One of the most beautiful places in India very few people are conversant with, parts of this temple town needed some upliftment which has been taken up by an NGO “Nabah Udit Khamaaj”. 33-year old Forid Islam Hazarika runs the NGO belongs from Rang ghar chariali Sibsagar, Assam.

With the motive of bringing the entourage of contentment unprejudiced thoughts, his NGO mainly focuses on social issues plaguing the society such as women rights, youth empowerment, drug abuse, child marriage and sexual harassment. Other activities of the NGO include development initiatives like recycling and rehabilitation.

The NGO has helped many women who became widows and abandoned by their in-laws and girls who have lost their parents. The NGO provides food, shelter, jobs and support the girls by bearing the expenses of their wedding. NGO aim at providing required requisites for wedding and help such girls. So far with their, Nabah Udit Khamaaj has helped 8-10 girls get married.

The NGO teach girls to fight against sexual harassment and make them understand the apprehension of what is good touch and bad touch. They also organize child counseling session to help victims move on with their harsh reminiscence.

Fighting the menace of drug abuse mostly among youngsters in the age group of 15-21, Nabah Udit Khamaaj conduct activities and counseling sessions to keep the youngsters away from drugs and help them canalize their energies for personal and economic growth. Forid Islam finds it his obsession to help others and aims to continue his work with full enthusiasm to turn his city Sibsagar into more livable place than before. Forib also put emphasis on the concept of recycling. He believes in less wastage and more usage with his organization teaching the notion of recycling. The activity involves recycling materials like plastic bottles, containers, shoe boxes, aluminum can, newspapers etc. as one man’s trash is another man’s use is a line of eco-friendly stuff. Out of these materials, the NGO produce stuffs like pen-pencil holder, jewelries, flowerpots and other home decors.

Forib’s NGO has also been a part of ‘Beti Bachao Beti Padhao’ and his messages is loud and clear. A girl should get the equal status in the society that a boy in terms of education and free to life without unnecessary restrictions. The NGO composed songs on putting an end to child marriage and treating girls and boys equally and educating them.

“If my efforts can bring a change that there’s nothing more satisfying to me”, says Forib. “I don’t know when was the moment in my life I felt like doing this but I surely know one thing that it gives me peace and happiness, knowing the fact that you are the reason for someone’s betterment. My journey has been 20 years now and I will continue as much as I can”, he adds.

Forib’s mother is always worried for him and gets upset because of his negligence towards his personal life. As Forib is unmarried, his mother wants him to get married as a mother’s wish and continue his supportive work towards people.

People like Forid Islam Hazarika is breaking barriers and helping others unselfishly. Such people and NGOs act as a ray of hope to end differences in the society and address the important issues to wipe them off in every nook and corner of the society.

The NGO can be reached on 9954651460.

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