Suspension of police constable for keeping mustache; revoked by MP Government 

Ritesh Ranjan, INN/Chennai, @royret
Madhya Pradesh: Police constable, Rakesh Rana of the motor transport wing of the police department, was suspended on terms of keeping mustache.
The Madhya Pradesh government reversed a controversial suspension order for a police constable on Monday. Constable Rakesh Rana, who was assigned to the motor transport wing of the police department, was suspended after a disagreement with his superior officer. Rakesh’s moustache was the source of contention. Senior officer Prashant Sharma, according to sources, instructed Rakesh to remove his moustache, which he refused. Following Rakesh’s suspension on January 7, Mr Sharma became enraged.
Rakesh was given a suspension order for having a long moustache and hair, which was believed to be in breach of service guidelines. Despite the fact that the suspension order was reversed, the matter was still buzzing on social media. This incident has been denounced by many current and former police and army officers. Because policeman Rakesh Rana is a member of the Rajput community, many members of the Rajput community and others have criticised the incident and have petitioned India’s home minister, Amit Shah, to take action.
I had noticed this before, according to Prashant Sharma, and cautioned Rakesh not to keep his moustache and hair long. This is an obvious breach of uniformed personnel’s service standards.
He disobeyed my orders, and as a result, I had to suspend him as part of my disciplinary action. What happened to the constable?
“I am Rajput, and my moustache is my pride,” Rakesh Rana claims, This is a style that I intend to keep for a long time. It’s not like I’ve only recently adopted this look. I’ve worked with a lot of top officials from different departments, and no one has ever objected about my moustache. I’ve been with Mr Sharma since February and he’s never protested.
I’m not sure what happened to him, but he started acting strangely. He asked me to shave my moustache one day. Rakesh claims that it’s not just me who has a moustache; many IPS and army officers have as well. How can a service rule be different for junior and senior workers in a democratic country like India?
Moustache with a viscous side should be permitted
According to the service guideline for uniformed troops, one should have clean shaved when on duty, according to R. Natraj, a retired IPS officer from Tamil Nadu who is also known for his moustache style and side viscous.
Moustaches are permitted on police officers and army personnel.
In rare circumstances, such as if you are a Muslim or a Sikh, you are excused from this restriction.
It is OK to have side viscous with a moustache. Police officers were encouraged to keep their moustaches during the British era.
It is to distinguish oneself from the general public.
Long moustaches should be encouraged among police officers
SR Jangir, a former IPS officer, believes that police officers should be encouraged to maintain their moustaches long.
Jagir, a native of Rajasthan and a Tamil Nadu cader IPS officer, recalls that while he was police commissioner, he awarded those officers who sported a long and handsome moustache.
It looks good and gives off a manly vibe.
The MP event is silly, and senior officials should encourage rather than discourage their subordinates from engaging in such activities.
Mustache is a mark of self-respect and cultural strength
A Rajasthan based Rajput lawyer P. S. Rathod says that, Mustache is a mark of self-respect and cultural strength, and it is also a symbol of pride and dignity in Belt Services.
It also features a close-up of a dress and body language, in which it is required in the belt services that the jawan’s or officer’s hair not be visible coming out of his cap, that the hair be extremely fine, and that he save everyday, yet his dress code requires a moustache.
Although people used to swear their moustache as a trust and risked their lives to get it back in the past days, there are no restrictions on contaminating the length of the width in any way.

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