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Military training imparted in Chennai

S Vishnu Sharma, INN/Chennai, @svs037 
India is a ray of hope for many other armies across the globe when it comes to imparting high quality military training. This was visible in Chennai recently, when the city based prestigious Officers Training Academy (OTA) warmly welcomed woman officers from Afghanistan armed forces.
Last year too they were there and this year too they are here for the Afghan armed forces personnel know whatever they get to learn at the military training institution would be a shot in the arm for them. True, for Indian armed forces are known to have superior quality of training in warfare and military discipline.
About 19 officers will be undergoing four weeks of military training. This reinforces emergence of OTA as a centre of excellence for training of Women Cadets and Officers in the Indian Army. 
The batch of Afghan Officers also contains women Officers from the  Air Force and Police. Most of the Officers are in the service bracket of two or three years.  
They reached Chennai on 26 Nov 2018 and since then have been undergoing training in Officer Training Academy.  Their training curriculum includes physical training, drill, weapon training, tactical training, leadership and human resources management, information technology, english communication.
The officers have already undergone basic military training in their country in their respective services.  OTA is imparting much needed exposure to modern training methods and facilities to these Officers.   
The woman Officers showed keen interest in various outdoor activities like obstacle training and weapon training. Infantry tactics was the most preferred subject in indoor training.    

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