Empowered Committee under Nirbhaya Fund holds its 14th meeting

Appraises safe city proposals worth Rs. 2,919.55 cr for 8 cities
Model forensic science lab to be set up at Chandigarh

By INN/PIB, New Delhi, @infodeaofficial;

The Empowered Committee of Officers under the Nirbhaya Fund responsible for appraising and recommending proposals for women’s safety and security, held their 14th meeting today under the Chairpersonship of Secretary, MWCD Sh. Rakesh Srivastava.

            The Committee discussed three proposals:

  1. Launch of Emergency Response Support System (ERSS)/Panic Button in Uttar Pradesh

The installation of physical panic button on mobile phones has been taken up to provide emergency response to women in distress. Panic Button will send signal to nearest PCR and selected friends/family identifying the location through satellite based GPS in an emergency situation. This is integrated with 112 number – Emergency Response Support System (ERSS) in collaboration with MHA. The user testing of Panic Button will be launched in Uttar Pradesh in March 2018. Following this, it will be replicated across the country rapidly.

  1. Safe City Proposals for 8 cities

This is a major new initiative being taken under the Nirbhaya Fund taking a comprehensive approach to women’s safety in 8 major cities of India. These plans have been prepared in coordination with Municipal Corporations and Police Commissionerates of these cities. 8 proposals were appraised by the Committee today amounting to a total of Rs. 2,919.55 Cr. Their key features are as follows:

  1. Delhi: Project worth ₹ 663.67 Cr. appraised with the aim of enhancing the safety of women in public places like roads, schools, metro stations, etc. The project includes use of latest technology such as video monitoring, facial recognition analytics, person tracking etc. for women’s safety. Dedicated women safety patrol vans to be added, equipped with GPS tracking, on-board video feed sharing, etc.
  1. Mumbai: Project amounting to ₹ 252.00 Cr. appraised. The project involves GIS mapping of criminal hotspots, video surveillance, training of investigating officers and quick response police teams. The project with strengthen Police Didi program wherein female police officers interact with women living in slums.
  1. Chennai: Project for ₹ 425.06 Cr. appraised. The project includes creation of safe-zone clusters at hot crime zones, GIS based crime mapping, security in public transport, capacity building of police authorities as well as a helpdesk service for women. A Cyber Crime & Legal Assistance Compensation Lab will also be set up.
  2. Ahmedabad: Project worth ₹ 253 Cr. has been appraised. The main components of the proposal include ABHAYAM Vans for quick response to women in distress, Bharosa like One Stop Crisis Centres and ‘She Teams’ of women for surveillance. The project also envisages redevelopment of the Sabarmati River Front to make it more women-friendly.
  3. Kolkata: Project amounting to ₹ 181.32 Cr. appraised. The proposal includes strengthening of 9 women police stations, surveillance in public areas, Computer Aided emergency response system, in-camera testimonies in all Crime Courts. The project will undertake sensitization programmes.
  4. Bengaluru: Project worth ₹ 667 Cr. has been appraised. The proposal involves surveillance at public places, placement of NGO volunteers at Women’s Helpdesk in Police Stations and Critical Care Response Units at leading Hospitals, Women Police Outposts, Creation of  Safety Islands at vulnerable places. It also includes introduction of Rani Channamma Teams of women to sensitize the public.
  5. Hyderabad: Project amounting to ₹ 282.50 Cr. appraised. The proposal involves setting up of a Centre for Development and Empowerment of Women as well as a Forensic Cell and Repeat Offenders Monitoring Cell. It also envisages setting up of SHE Toilets for women as well as Transit Dorms for safe temporary accommodation.
  6. Lucknow: Project for ₹ 195 Cr. appraised. The proposal incorporates features like cyber and forensics infrastructure for better investigation of crimes against women, manpower training in the police force. It envisages the creation of a comprehensive Safe City Eco System by also sensitizing all the various stakeholders in the city on issues of women.


  1. Central Forensic Science Lab, Chandigarh

A model Forensic Science Lab is to be set up at Chandigarh with advanced infrastructure and equipment. At present there are 6 Central Forensic Labs (Chandigarh, Guwahati, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Pune and Bhopal) and one State Forensic Lab in each State/UT. These labs are responsible for conducting forensic analysis of all cases in the country including sexual assault, criminal paternity and homicide. A proposal with financial outlay of Rs. 99.76 Cr has been appraised. The proposed lab will help to address the gap of forensic DNA analysis of pending sexual assault cases in the country.


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