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Virat Kohli is not just a cricketer or sportsperson anymore, with his impeccable work ethic, he has evolve an idol for everyone to emulate. He sets very high standards of fitness and is praised as one of the fittest sportsmen in the world. Every child in our country knows about the Indian cricketer Virat Kohli. Everyone who loves cricket, he/she must like the cricketer Virat Kohli. Virat kohli is a legendary player and one of the promising contemporary batsmen in the world. He is loved and appreciated by not just Indians but also sports enthusiasts from all parts of the world. People look up to him to get motivated to persevere with their dreams and aspirations and work harder than any human can.

Virat Kohli has achieved the art of batting in ODIs. He has reached a point where if he doesn’t score a century, it seems like a failure. From being a chubby boy of a typical Delhi household to one of the finest sportspeople’s ever he has come a long way. A reason which makes Virat Kohli different from other’s is his attitude of handling the situations be it in a run chase or probably the toughest day of his life when he was batting overnight and he lost his father but the next day he went out to bat and managed to save his team from a defeat by scoring a classic 90. Making his place in the Indian team rock solid with his consistent achievements throughout the years has been Virat’s trademark. And because of his breath-taking performances in the last 10 years he has been compared with legends like Sachin Tendulkar, Don Bradman, Viv Richards.

He began playing cricket in his gully, like any other quintessential middle-class Indian kid. His playing grabbed the eyes of his neighbours and parents alike, he was shortly enrolled in a cricket academy for cricket coaching. His coach exclaimed it was hard to bring him off the pitch even after training. Virat kohli was born on 5 November 1988 in New Delhi. He plays for Delhi in domestic cricket and for RCB (Royal challengers Bangalore) in the Indian Premier League since 2008. Virat Kohli, the name gained the spotlight when he led the Indian campaign successfully in the Under-19 WC 2008.

Virat Kohli was perceived to be an extremely aggressive player with the shorter editions of the game emphasizing the angry young man in him. Both in the IPL and the international level he had gained himself the tag of being an aggressor with the bat & with his phrases. He has since transformed and matured to come to be the captain of the Indian team. He was the beneficiary to MS Dhoni which are huge shoes to fill.  He has directed his team with accurate captaincy and fervour. For a 30-year-old, Virat Kohli has accomplished tremendous prestige in the cricketing world. He has created his way up from scratch and demonstrated time and again that he is a player that assigns his money where his mouth is. He is a player that will constantly be a glow of lighting for all to glimpse!

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