Sports culture continues to inspire

It builds your health while you unwind

Faisal Maqbool, INN/J&K, @Infodeaofficial 

Sports still continue to enthuse many of us, for it is a way for us unwind and also to keep ourselves healthy. The heritage of sporting is as old as this civilisation itself, one can say. There are good deals of stories that would say to us all every now and then how robust was the culture of sports was in the past. 
This strong love for sports helped me players win name and fame and made them stand unique in the society and thereby drove their earnings. But then the days of the past were where people pursued a career in sports even at the extent of bidding a goodbye to academics. The notion that sports and academics cannot go together was a popular opinion in those days. 
But today that is fast becoming a history. Currently, sports-persons go about their sporting career with no neglect for their studies. Change in times has perhaps led to this situation. Sporting career is a gift of prime of the youth which does not stay for long.  
As the age moves up the ladder, chances of ruling the roost in sports fades away as the natural flexibility of the body in youth ceases to exist. So you land up in the job market, and that is where you need a qualification to get an upper hand over other competitors. That is why sticking to your academic path is required. It is an idea one can never deny for it is practical.

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