Bladeless ceiling fan launched

By: INN, Chennai, @infodeaofficial:

Exhale Innovations Worldwide Pvt Ltd, Chennai launched its Bladeless Ceiling Fan” in a Joint Venture with Exhale Fans LLC USA. Claimed to be the world’s first, the bladeless ceiling fan comes with dimmable LED lights. This premium product, the EF34 bladeless ceiling fan will provide all users, commercial and residential, comfort and efficiencies that are unprecedented.

The bladeless ceiling fan can circulate the air through the entire room and the capability is due to the spinning Discs of the Exhale Fan that move air 360° along the ceiling and then down the walls. The movement of air creates a ‘Central Vortex’ that pulls air from the floor to complete the cycle of full room airflow resulting in air movement with total temperature stability from floor to ceiling and wall to wall.

Speaking about the product, Mr. Richard W Halsall, CEO, Exhale Fans LLC USA said, “With demand for high-quality and innovative products growing, it was a logical and natural fit to have India as our partner. This joint venture is a 50/50 partnership with an initial investment of Rs 10 Crore. The commitment to high quality in Chennai, India is unmatched and critical to our growth projections. Hence we have zeroed in with a partner and factory in Chennai.”

Mr. Siddhartha Khatri, Director, Exhale Innovations Worldwide Pvt Ltd, Chennai said that the product is going to bring about a paradigm shift in the ceiling fan market due to its efficiency and complete room cooling.

Mr. Ryan Campbell, COO of Exhale Fans LLC said that the Exhale Fans utilize a patented 360 degree Laminar Airflow that creates a vortex generating unmatched comfort and gives year round savings. He also said the product has a unique temperature stabilization capability reducing the load on HVAC system to 38%, adding that the quantitative analysis of the product was completed at the Indiana Engineering University, USA.

With the success of the fan in the US market, the company plans to tap in the Indian market. Sharing information, Mr. Mike MillerVP Commercial Sales, US Market, said that the factory in Sriperumbadur is apt to produce the high-quality fans to serve the commercial industry. Having targeted schools and hotels in the US market and moving forward on its success with positive feedback, Mr Miller said that with the increased production capacity, the company plans to target restaurants, larger hotels, schools, office structures, and green buildings, adding that the company would work together with Indian partner and target big constructions, residential projects, hospitals, airports, upcoming hotels across India.

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