A line of hope…

Vivek Prasad, INN/Kerla, @Infodeaofficial

The decision of the union government to extend the Rameshwaram rail line till Dhanushkodi where the historic Ram sethu or Adams bridge begins, has bought joy to the people of rameshwaram.

Many like Karupuswamy, a native of Rameshwaram,  believe that the step would bring in more revenue to the youth of the district, ‘we believe that this is a historic step towards empowering the youth who can take the roles of guides,  ‘ he said.
The food industry in the area is also expected for a fillip with many especially the youth trying to take up the mudra loans to start  eateries along the hamlet.
According to a release from the Government The 17 kilometre proposed rail line will be built at cost of RS 208 crores with a modern railway station at Dhanushkodi.
It may be noted that Dhanushkodi was part of the southern railway network till 1964 when a devastating cyclone wreaked havoc on the Hamlet due to which the station and the rail line was completely damaged and subsequently the station was abandoned and ravaged by the vagaries of time.
Many senior citizens are of the fond hope that they would soon hope to see the old glorious days again when the now ghost town of dhanushkodi was a bustling town with a local economy of it’s own.

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