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Re-affirming its environment friendly stance, Chennai Airport has translocated/transplanted 25 trees, aged 15-20 yrs., of various girth and species in past one week. The trees were uprooted from old airport area which is under expansion and were replanted in selected locations in front of T4 terminal.

All the trans located trees of different species including Athi (Ficus racemose) Arasa maram (Ficus Religiosa ) are fast growing and will provide thick shade in the parking lot due to its spreading canopy and crown. 

Few branches of the trees were chopped and later the trees were uprooted from their original location and replanted in selected areas, without damaging its roots and adding root supplements /boosters which will help tree growth in the new location.

The low temperature and consistent rain over the past week had helped the translocation process and the trees are expected to grow up in no time and will be monitored frequently until steady growth is established. The work was executed by the Horticulture team of AAI Chennai Airport according to the press release issued by the AAI Chennai Airport.

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