ECS Students of HCAS Performed a Miracle to Gaja’s Victims in Tamil Nadu Area


 When calamity occurs, we usually found ourselves in the middle of it helping those who are affected in our own little ways, but for the victims, our presence alone is sometimes eases their frustrations and sadness.

Like the 3rd year BSC students of Electronics and Communication Science of Hindustan College of Arts and Science did for the worried victims. They created 120 LED emergency lamps with battery back up that were given to them recently.


The idea of creating such a lamp was given by a MSW student and two students of BSC 3rd year ECS Ganesh and Ajay Kumar. The lamp was made up from waste LED bottle strips  and some other left out materials.

The battery backed LED emergency lamp can run for 12-16 hours and most definitely solved the electricity failures from the affected areas and comes handy to attend to day to day works. And it was distributed recently to the area of Tamil Nadu that was hit by typhoon Gaja.

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