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By – Sonia Devi, INN/ Manipur, @infodeaofficial

While some people have access to good food, clothes, shelter and even sanitation, some still seek these basic necessities in life. Changing the fortune of people, both individuals and organizations like NGOs are putting their efforts to ensure that the needy people get access to these basic needs. An example of an individual who set out with this mission is U. Rohini Kumar Singh who runs an NGO for the rural development called ‘Rural Area Development Organization’. The 58 – year old from Manipur started the NGO in 2003 to supply drinking water to the remote areas of Manipur. What started as a small step has today grown into a center to provide vocational training on embroidery, knitting and tailoring, total sanitary campaign, environmental awareness program and so on with a dedicated team of about 30 volunteers.

The NGO has organized many campaigns with the central idea of spreading the probity and perception of grading Manipur into more livable place to breath. Recently, the NGO conducted a camp to educate people in the remote areas about the importance of sanitation. Rohini Kumar Singh also organized a campaign on the minimum extent of hygiene required for healthy living and prevent the spread of diseases. His other activities include educating rural women on using sanitary napkins for personal hygiene and starting a sanitary production center to produce sanitary pads at low cost to make it affordable for the mass. Rohini Kumar Singh is laying more emphasis on hygiene for living a healthy life with the message that ‘it starts with us’ to ensure that every family has a clean and disease-free surrounding.

His NGO imparts training on embroidery, knitting & tailoring so that women of all age groups are equipped with the skills and courage to earn individually and be self-dependent. Besides the NGO is also contributing towards environment by encouraging the community to plant saplings. The NGO conducted many camps on planting saplings and to spread the message of saving the environment. “Even though it seems like we have been through so many social activities but still there’s lot more to be done. I wanted to emphatically bring a lot of reinforcements but Manipur is quite economically backward and our government doesn’t seem to pay much attention”, Rohini Kumar Singh says. Determined to eradicate poverty and make Manipur clean and healthy, Rohini Kumar says that he will will never give up on this. His wife and three children have always been supportive on his noble ambitions. Individuals like Rohini Singh can bring a lot of difference with some encouragement and required funds.

The NGO can be reached on

Rural Area Development Organization 
Cell No. 9402744335  Landline no.03848202511 
Email: [email protected]

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