Some Good News that will uplift your pall spirits in the current situation of the prevailing pandemic.

Srishti Shankar, INN/Delhi, @shankar_srishti

Well, 2020 has been more of a roller coaster ride for all of us, it has diligently consumed 4 months of our lives and is continuing to do the same. Our eyes are on a constant lookout for news updates, death tolls and the economy and we somehow forget to remind ourselves of the other side, which is still full of hope and colors.

After all 2020 hasn’t been that bad right? What if we just excuse the whole conundrum which the corona virus has imparted upon us. We will see that there are so many things to which we could still be highly-grateful for!

Space- X historic launch The highly anticipated Space X-crew dragon launch took place on- 30th May- it has been given the token of ‘one of the prosperous days’. As, it has propelled new definitions and opened a new dimension, creating possibilities for the private sector in space exploration.

Welcoming a new ‘Work from Home’ strategy People from the time immemorial have been drawing instances by providing a strong vision to pursue- ‘work from home’, effective strategies. According to the masses, inculcating this new technique could help save time, travel expense, and might even boost productivity among people by providing a better work-life balance. The discrepancy caused due to the corona virus has finally led to the approval of the particular ideology to- ‘work from home’, which has improvised-relief into the lives of many. 

Coronavirus pandemic has led to a huge drop in air pollution The corona virus pandemic is shutting down industrial activity and it has resulted in temporarily slashing air pollution levels around the world. It seems entirely probable that a reduction in air pollution will be beneficial to people in susceptible categories, for example, it will provide some relief to the asthma sufferers. Agriculture could also get a boost as pollution stunts plant growth and yield.

Wild Animals are to be seen to occupy the streets yet again! While people remained at home glued to their couches, actual animals roamed empty streets when lock downs around the world started in March. Goats were photographed taking over a town in Wales, while the streets of Thailand were swarmed by macaques. 

Corona virus Art- art imitates life, well the current life update has seen to have experienced some sort of disruption in the wake of COVID-19. corona virus-inspired art is a surreal reflection of our peculiar times. This will not only help our generation to promote better understanding about the current situation but it will help all the upcoming generation a great deal in order to understand the true value of getting indulged into different art-forms while formulating enlivening experiences through various art forms. Thereby, executing all the determinant boundaries which the pandemic has intricately imposed upon us.

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