Actress Varalakshmi Sarath Kumar walks an extra mile, being kind

Harjinder Singh, INN/Chennai, @Infodeaofficial

In the situation of crisis, where NGO’s and other people voluntarily stood up to support and stand beside the people who have been in distress, caused by the lockdown, but people tend to forget that there are animal’s also who depend on us.

Famous Actress Varalakshmi Sarath Kumar, is one kind hearted person, who cares for the stray animals and takes the responsibility to feed them during this Lockdown.

In this Situation of Lockdown where people go out for a walk or jag maintaining social distancing, Varalakshmi was on a walk noticed that there are many animals around her house who were starving.

Seeing this, she realized that when people are starving in this lockdown, who would even care for the animals? This struck her and decided that someone needs to take care of them also, and why not it be her itself.

Varalakshmi says that after this, she and her friends started making plans about how to feed these animals. She also shared a message on her social media profile, in which she requested the people to help and show some kindness towards feeding the animals around them.

In Chennai and its surrounding areas, she started this campaign with the help of her friends and these animals were fed regularly.

Varalakshmi also asks people, that you should feed the silent animals living around you as much as possible. They cannot tell you the pain their going through and whatever they can do, in their language is beyond one’s understanding.

What will happen to the animals when there is a shortage of food for humans in lockdown? These are some questions that have put a thought in every individual.

Humans can still speak their pain, but this is the biggest problem for these silent creatures. After sharing her message on social media, many people and organizations came forward to help them.

If humans are struggling with food problems in the lock-down, then guess what will happen to the silent animals?

Although many arrangements have been made by the administration for the poor and destitute people who have been locked up, hardly any arrangements have been made to help these silent animals. This attempt of Varalakshmi is greatly appreciated.

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