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Mansi Khandelwal, INN/New Delhi, @infodeaofficial

Panchayat is the 2020 Amazon original comedy-drama series by Chandan Kumar. The story is about an engineering graduate Abhishek Tripathi, who because of lack of job joins as a panchayat officer in a village of Uttar Pradesh named Phulera. But he was not able to handle the difficult village lifestyle, Moreover, the villagers were also very tempting and irritating.

So, he struggles to leave this panchayat job and get a new job for which he even fills the form for Common Admission Test (CAT). The series has one season and eight episodes.

The story starts when Abhishek reaches village Phulera and he got the first shock when he was told that key of Panchayat is missing, and maybe there in any farm or the village, and he with two more villagers goes in search of the key but were unable and decided to break the lock. But the lock was stronger than the door of Panchayat. And Gate was broken instead of the lock. Here the first incident ends.

Then a Panchayat meeting is held to decide the position of the 13 lights provided by the government. All the 12 Panchayat members decided to place a light in front of their houses, then the issue was for the placement of the thirteenth light, which Abhishek gave a suggestion to place out of Panchayat so that he could also prepare for his CAT exam.

But the villagers denied and asked to place that light near a ghost tree because people while crossing the tree got afraid and used to run. Then Abhishek found the secret behind the ghost tree and finally the light is placed out of Panchayat.

The third incident took place when ‘Mukhiya’ or head of Panchayat was in a search of a groom for her daughter Rinki. He gave Abhishek thought but then canceled because he knew Abhishek was earning just Rs. 20,000, but then again he had a thought that if Abhishek’s CAT (which mukhiya used to say CATwa) paper will clear then he will be earning a good amount.

To test the intelligence of Abhishek he asked him a certain question like he asked that if a school, a hospital, and a house has got a fire then where do ambulance go first? Abhishek answered Ambulance does not blow off fire. Then he was clear that as Abhishek will clear the CATwa exam he will talk about her daughter with him.

Abhishek returns after giving CAT exam with a sad face and Mukhiya Ji dropped his idea of marrying her daughter Rinki with Abhishek.After getting frustrated from the village lifestyle he decided to leave the job and village Phulera.

Before leaving the village he went to a water tank because everyone in the village used to say that village looks beautiful from that water tank. He didn’t like any scene at all but met Rinki and they both sat together talking and the series ends.

Panchayat is an amazing series that will take you in a ride to a village and your tummy will pain laughing.

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