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Soumya Thakur, INN/Madhya Pradesh
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Mimi is a beautiful feel-good tale of surrogacy that touches your soul instantly. Very well written and directed by Laxman utekar. There is not a single dull moment throughout the runtime. The hilarious first half is followed by an emotionally draining second half with the climax being slightly predictable. AR Rahman has given a masterclass on how to score background for comedies. Kriti Sanon was marvelous in her role – she really outdid herself in every scene. She did gain weight for her post-pregnancy scenes and she delivered raw emotions that were needed in this role.

The story of Mimi revolves around a bubbly 25-year-old girl Mimi, who wants to become a Bollywood actress. But God had other plans and she ends up being a mother.

Mimi spills the beans announces the family entertainer's release date

Mimi doesn’t belong to a well-to-do family and so she needs money to pursue her dream of coming to be the next Bollywood sensation. Kriti took it on her to play the role of a surrogate mother who had bigger dreams like any other girl or woman in our country. Then Bhanu (played by Tripathi), who is a driver comes to Mimi asking her to be the surrogate mother of an American couple who is searching for a healthy young girl who can be their child’s surrogate mother. She agrees as they promise her a good amount of money. But when Mimi’s pregnant, the couple departs the country as they get aware that their unborn child has down syndrome. But Mimi gives birth to a fit and fine boy and her whole family including Bhanu and his wife starts caring for him as their own family.

Mimi is a rollercoaster of emotions, it made me happy, sad, angry at times. It has delivered the message beautifully. Something very soothing and very different from the Bollywood masala movieProbably the best performance of Kriti to date. Apart from that Pankaj Tripathi, Sai Shankar, Evelyn, Aiden, Supriya, and all the other supporting cast did an amazing job. Overall, Mimi is a complete family entertainer and shouldn’t be missed.

Mimi is a tremendous experiment at giving rise to a social taboo like surrogacy to the center stage. The film has some absolutely funny scenes, and if melodrama is something you don’t mind, you should precisely give Mimi one watch.

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