A novel with a deep, dark and a twisting storyline

Invisible encapsulates your mind

Next time when you step into a library nearby don’t forget to lay your hands on ‘Invisible’ by James Patterson and David Ellis. Patterson is an American author largely known for his novels on fictional psychologist  Alex Cross. David Yellis is a Chicago attorney and also an author of nine novels including ‘Line of Vision.’
Shaziya Fathima, INN/ Chennai, @Infodeaofficial
Young journalist with Infodea went ahead to review this book. The novel of a thriller genre with a tagline ‘She is the only one who knows he is out there’ is the first thing that can capture our minds. As for the storyline, it deals with Emmy Dockery who had lost her sister Marta to a house fire. 
While fire departments have already declared the fire incident involving her sister an accident. But Emmy is not convinced, she firmly believes her sister’s death wasn’t an accident but something else. Emmy is sent on leave as she is taken over by grief owing to her sibling’s death. 
Being on leave doesn’t mean rest for her. The death of Marta managed to evoke her inquisitiveness which has reached an extent beyond her control. This coupled with the investigator in her will never allow her to remain mute. She does research on housefires in US all alone as there is no one from her department to help her, for not one official from FBI are likely to trust her.
More deaths happen, there is a house fire everytime and they too are declared accidents. But Emmy is the one who is not for accepting that. She decides to take help of ex-fiance and also a former FBI official Harrison Bookman. She knew she was right but struggle Emmy has to put to get evidence will grip the reader’s mind. 
Till the end one has to keep guessing as the killer remains obscure. What will keep the reader glued to the chapters is the way the narrative moves. 
It is split into two. One part of the narrative is of Emmy’s. She is not perfect, is screwed up and damaged. This makes her all the more believable and realistic. The second part of the narrative is that of the antagonist. This is actually an audio book where the killer self glorifies his perfection of the killing spree he has
been on. 
His heartless narration sometimes arouses a feeling of sympathy at the pathetic state of his psychotic behavior. The book is really a fine choice for those who love thriller novels, but it is also to remind that readers must be prepared to also read details on gruesome murders and digest gory information. If one is okay with this and also likes to remain on the tenterhooks, Invisible is a good book to be taken for a reading. 

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