Exploring Manila with Luneta

By- Ching Pascual Aquino, INN/Philippines, @Infodeaofficial 

How will you describe Manila in Philippines? Probably there are a wide array of negative words to choose from that lingers in your mind right now. From the most polluted air to the unending tales of robbery in the streets in broad daylight, little did you know that this city has the rich culture of the whole archipelago.

The Rizal Park or locally known as the Luneta Park is a famous tourist destination to both Filipinos and foreign tourists.

This urban leisure spot showcases the Philippines’ national hero; Dr. Jose Rizal’s monument making it a good place to conduct a school fieldtrip (which most nearby provinces do so.) but the monument isn’t the only thing you can feast your eyes upon, there are lot of museums and gardens to explore.

The National Museum Complex which consists of the National Museum of Fine Arts, Anthropology, Natural History, and the National Planetarium can be visited in the area. Have an interest in bones?

The National Museum of Anthropology shelters the ancient artifacts and relics division of the museums. If you prefer seeing historical painting and award winning sculptures of the PH legendary classical artists, adjacent to the above mentioned museum is the National Museum of Fine Arts.

The latest addition is the newly renovated National Museum of Natural History which houses a replica and an actual skeletal remains of Lolong. The longest crocodile held in captivity can be viewed here. So, if you want to learn more about the species of flora and fauna of this country, this is a must place to visit.

But if you want an out of this world escapade (literally), the National Planetarium is the right fit for you for it caters diorama presentations of the Solar System and many astronomical myths and beliefs. Museums aren’t the only ones that are abundant in the park. Gardens like the Japanese and Chinese gardens are one of the places you can go to unwind and block the buzzing noise in the city.

So, the next time you long for a cultural escapade or you just want to relax from all the exhausting work you’ve done in the past few weeks. Just grab your favorite pair of running shoes (all the attractions are just walking distance from each other), camera and a few bucks (museums and gardens asks for little to no admission fees) and visit Luneta Park in the heart of Metro Manila.

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