5 Ways to Wear the Check Shirt

The Ultimate Hacks to Smart and Stylish Dressing

By Niharika Bhowmik, INN, Gwaliar, @NiharikaBhowmik;

Checks have been into existence since more than a few centuries now and have made their mark shifting base from being the uniform for lumberjacks, Scottish highlanders, armies and rebellion now into the wardrobe of even the most ordinary people. Though checks are never to go out of fashion and keep bouncing back into limelight after almost every few years, one cannot deny the significant role of the “90s grunge” in elevating the checks into the zenith of popularity.

Says acclaimed designer Prerna Grover, “The checks has been a staple in men’s fashion for decades. Different styles of check have adorned different style eras.” Speaking of men in this regard, while a shirt is a vital part of his inventory and a checked shirt may feature exceedingly, especially among the casual stuff in his clothes line, therefore, with so many checked options around, you can pull off smart, smart casual or casual, essentially everything but scruffy only if styled correctly. The most fundamental trait of the checkered shirts is that they look good without too much of a hassle. Checks also provide you with the opportunity to show off your creativity effortlessly. So behold hereby, all the ways you can pull off this versatile print to suit a range of amazing styles.

  • The Fabric:

Men, this point needs attention. When dealing with fabrics, first thing, do reflect upon the time of the year as well as the temperature outside. While seasons like the autumn and the winter are favourable for wearing thicker checkered shirts, either simply with a dark coloured jeans underneath or buttoned up with a T-shirt beneath for added warmth, grab yourself thin cotton shirts when the warmer months turn up so they won’t leave you sweating buckets when the sun decides to shine. You can easily wear that buttoned up on its own or throw it over a short sleeved T-shirt with jeans in the weekends. Also consider wearing it under a jumper for the decent Sunday look. Again, keep the temperature in mind.

You can even try wearing the thick- brushed cotton classic lumberjack shirt, the flannel version of which is great for wearing at the weekend in place of a jacket or casually thrown over a t-shirt or even a plain hoodie.

  • The Colour:                                                                                                                            The most agreeable trait of the check shirt is that it can very instantly and subtly inject colour to your wardrobe. It is for you to decide what the colour is for the occasion. One should always–keep in mind the occasion suitability. While the brighter checks such as the red and purple paired with a grey or dark blue jeans can add an eye-catching tone to your appearance when heading for a less formal occasion such as hanging out with friends or hiking in the countryside, the muted checks such as black and grey worn with dark jeans or chinos all done up can prove to be a marvel for a more formal instance.Try to experiment with the colour of the check shirt. The more dynamic you are, the more you come across as friendly and flexible. You can also team them with jeans and boots or even plimsolls and a casual jacket to achieve a fisherman’s style for the weekend.
    • The Style:The assurance for the vibrancy and versatility of the check shirts can be made by its enormous range of styles available. Checks come in a real assortment of styles and designs. These can be sorted into two basic categories―busy patterns and clean patterns. While busy patterns can be characterized by far more lines and edges towards the lumberjack style, clean patterns, on the other hand, the clean patterns tend to flaunt smaller checks and distinct squares, more like a gingham check.This can be paired with a pair of neutral coloured chinos to get that more of a smart and less of a bold look. The busy patterns should usually be paired with subtle colours as anything other than plain and sober will lose out in competition to the patterns. One can definitely opt for the latter if heading on a date or even in the office. The former is best suited for a walk at the weekend or wearing to a Saturday match. According to Prerna Grover, “A check suit automatically gives you a more casual effect.”
      • The Size:The size of the check also does matter as far as the appearance and the need of the hour is concerned. Wider checks tend to point towards the occasions where formality is not to be maintained. These checks give a more relaxed and oversized look. You can try and layer it up over various pieces or keep it your shirt slim fit for a more refined finish. So for a casual, easy to match look with a wide check, pair it with a skinny or straight legged jeans. On sticking to two colours you can keep it attractive and eye-catching. Just ensure that the major focus is on the checks.Smaller checks offer to provide you with a more managed and regulated look. The smaller checks never let you out of place and maintain to carry your look as gracefully and as manfully as you would want it. You can easily look both smart as well as stylish at the same time without going over the top
      • The Sleeves:There is a lot of scope for experimentation with sleeves as far as check shirts are concerned. Different sleeve lengths have the potential to completely alter the look of the check shirt. This is one of the ways via which you can wear the same check shirt in at least 3-4 different ways. During summers, it is usually advisable that you choose a short sleeved checkered shirt. You can also get the long sleeved shirt done all the way up to give you the smart look comparable even to the imminent  oxford shirt. Long sleeve shirts also work in two ways. You can roll the sleeves up when you need to if wearing an oversized version in the place of a jacket or throw it over a plain t-shirt. Alternatively, if you wish to have a slightly smarter style, try doing the cuffs up and pair it with the right jeans and you have it.Care to read more? Do like and comment below and let us know your reviews if you liked this post. We have several more ways to dress the checkered shirt in style. It’s all in store for you. Wait up till the next post!

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