Eight trends that you can’t miss this year

Niharika Bhowmik, INN Gwalior; 

This year has quite a lot of surprises in store for you. Starting from breaking all the existing rules, setting new trends, walking down the past forgotten fashion lane to accommodating some of the styles that we found last year and just couldn’t do without. While the numbers are more than one can imagine, we suggest a selected couple of those things that you just can’t afford to miss out on this season!

  1. Supersized exquisite statement earrings:

    Credit: www.vogue.co.uk/gallery/10-trends-to-try-in-2018

    This year is all about the larger the better. You cannot just not look pretty in those amazing drop  earrings Flaunt those beauties dangling on your ears. Try experimenting them with different looks. It’ll be worth it.

  2. Lavender rises:

    Credit: Google images

    Lavender is all set to rule this season. What you can do is use lavender in each piece of clothing, like a purple jacket or a violet scarf. It just makes you look regal. While Pantone has named ultra violet as the colour of the year, we can’t help but wonder at the beauty this pastel shade brings out in you.

  3. Checks are still going strong:

    Credit: Google images

    This is a trend that gained popularity the previous season in no time after their revival. What’s more, this trend still shows no signs of getting discarded just yet. This is one of those trends that is here to stay. Discover different aspects of checks be it in terms of shirts, jackets or skirts, these are an essential must have.


  4. Fringes rules:

    This is one of those trends you must really look out for this season. Fringes have already started appearing on bags, tops and skirts giving way to a look that is both subtle as well as playful. Embracing fringe is a good way to go. Credit: Google images

  5. Sequins are Back:

    Credit: Google images

    All that thing shining looks tacky? Well not anymore. Get out all those shiny outfits you’ve been hiding in the innermost rack of your closet and flaunt them as 2018 brings back the age of sequins. Pair up a shiny top with the right coloured jeans and a jacket.

  6. Cover it up:

    Credit: Google images

    2018 demonstrates a more high sleeve, high neck and a low hem look as skin show is so a thing of the past. While you’re focussed on the garments, make sure that the hair is tied back or even braided up would do just fine. It would bring out the elegance and poise in you. Try the look.

  7. The Fanny pack stage a comeback:

    Los Angeles, CA – Kendall Jenner dons a cute romper and brings back the fanny pack as she steps out to get some shopping done in NYC.
    Pictured: Kendall Jenner
    Credit: Google images

    One of the most discarded fashion trends of all time is making a huge comeback with celebrities already readily embracing the look and demonstrating how trendy it can look if you just wear it right. 2018 says that fanny packs are officially cooler than ever. You could opt for an athletic approach and swing yours over the shoulder.


  8. Times of the unicolour:

    Credit: Google images

    For a few instances, erase all you were taught in your art classes about colour combinations and complementary colours. Adorn yourself in a single colour from head-to-toe while using different shades to set the right balance between unity and fun.


Other honourable mentions you’re welcome to try are a mix and match different prints for a rebel look, throw in some art amidst your plain look and drown in the 60’s floral look that is fresh and fervent as ever. Let the New Year see the new you. Do something creative with your wardrobe.



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