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Street photography by definition is candid photography of people and life. But at its core, it’s a documentation of human life, an act of archiving emotions. And our young and avid photographer ,NainaBhatnagar wondered the streets of Gwalior, a historical town in Madhya Pradesh capturing these candid and extemporary moments, weaving a tale without words.

Some of these clicks has a very interesting story, like in the above picture the photographer Naina says, ”there were these two kids and one of them went inside so the other one got so impatient, he peaks through the door so shyly and innocently just waiting for his friend”.

The love of a sibling is unlike any other. It is the purest form of care and protection. It is tough yet mellow, not to be seen just felt.

Sometimes, a closed door is not always closed.

For Naina, street photography is all about showing what is overlooked. Which is present there all along but is unseen by us.



She wants to capture those obscured moments and reveal them through her camera.










On the street, everyone is living their own life, uncaring to other. Someone is mulling in his own solitude, while someone’s whole world is crashing down. It’s a conglomerate of feeling, emotion, love, happiness and despair.


These two pictures are evidence of this. Where a father leaves everything to feed his daughter mangoes, the little joy of life and elsewhere two friends are chilling on the summit, uncaring to the world but themselves. Naina, above all likes to show this human connection, this love shared between two people.


These photographs hide within them the many faces of life and kinship, accentuating that it is not the big things but little things in life that matter.

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