Tansen tomb

Purvesh Yadav, INN/Gwalior, @Infodeaofficial

Going through the list of renowned historical places to visit in Gwalior, the Tansen Tomb comes at second place just after the Gibralter of India (Gwalior Fort). Tansen tomb which was made in the memory of Miyan Tansen is an ultimate attraction for the Visitors and is the only resemblence of Tansen’s Universaly known Sufi music.

Tansen, who was remarked as one of the nine jewels of Badshah Akbar was a native of Gwalior and made Gwalior proud many times and now his tomb has become a great center for watching Muslim art. In the momery of the Tansen, there is Tansen Samaroh orginazed every year is the month of december for four days near by the tomb.

This Samaroh was first held in 1924 regionally and then from 1950 started celebrating as a national music festival, and booked many famous names like Ustad Amzad Ali Khan, Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma and many more.

The tomb is ringed by local market and is situated in Hazira area. It reflects well aesthatically arranged art and beautifully made endings of four towers made at its all four corners. Its preface is some gardens made in front of tomb. The shrine of Miyan Tansen with his guide Muhammad Ghawth still creates Vibes of piousness of the music created and practiced in their period (16th century).  

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