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As a part of Mothers Day celebration week, the President Rtn. Gauthamchand Bothra and the Secretary Rtn. Vrinda Deepak of Rotary Club, Anna Nagar Madras organized a Mothers Day celebration yesterday.

The celebration was enjoyed and made a grand success by the immersive participation of the members of the Rotary Club of Anna Nagar Madras where the mothers of club members were honored.

A moment of immense family bonding and unconditional love was witnessed as all mothers of 70+ to 99 years age group were honored. They showered the crowd with their best wishes and endless blessings, especially the emotions of Smt Memla Mathur who will turn 99 in a matter of few days. She was extremely happy and expressed her gratitude in a small scale cake cutting ceremony.

Besides the event also was symbolic of women empowerment as renowned Artist Mrs. N. Swarnalatha, Dr. Radhika Ganesan, Director of Guires Solutions Pvt Ltd, Mrs. Praveena Solomon, Cremation Organizer IWA NGO Anna Nagar and Author of International bestseller book “Victims For Sale” Ms. Nischinta Amarnath graced the occasion with their presence and received an award for their meritorious services .


District First Lady (RI Dist 3232) Dr. Sujatha who presided said that the whole atmosphere had an aura of divinity and these women have extended a helping hand to the society despite their family responsibilities.

President of Rotary Club of Anna Nagar Madras, Rtn. Gouthamchand Bothra, First Lady Usha Bothra and the Secretary Rtn. Vrinda Deepak conceptualized and ensured smooth functioning of the entire event.

The highlight of the event was an emotional and thought-provoking speech by Mrs. Praveena Solomon, who is a cremation organizer for IWA NGO, which was lauded by one and all.

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