Frontier Lifeline Hospital Launched “Nutrigenetics Clinic” In South India

INN/Chennai, @infodeaofficial

Frontier Lifeline Hospital (FLL) and Dr K. M. Cherian’s Heart Foundation launched South India’s first centre of excellence for Nutrigenetics Clinic today at their hospital. The centre was inaugurated by Prof.C.V Ramakrishnan, Retired, HOD of Biochemistry Department, Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda. Dr. K.M Cherian, CEO and Founder, Frontier Lifeline Hospital gave remarks on the purpose of Nutrigenetics Clinic.

The gathering was facilitated by Dr. C.N.Ramchand, Chief Executive Officer and President of Saksin Lifesciences Pvt Ltd, Mr. Anil Kumar, MedGenome Labs Private Ltd., Mr. C.H. Unnikrishnan, Founder & Editor, Future Medicine.

The objective of the centre is to deliver the personalised diet for many complex disorders like cardiovascular diseases, Diabetes, Obesity etc. The clinic will be opened in Frontier Lifeline Hospital, twice a week (Monday and Wednesday). With the reputed advisory board from nation-wide and very enthusiastic core team who would cordially lead the centre.

Dr. KM Cherian, Founder and CEO, Frontier Lifeline hospital said “We at Frontier are committed to provide the best in care and service to our patients and as an endeavour to achieve this, we launched this Nutrigenetics clinic at our hospital. We aim to offer the individuals modified nutrition based on their genetic character through advanced DNA testing followed by diet counselling to deliver the personalized diet plan.”


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