COVID being Airborne, Triggers especially in Monsoon

Yash Sapra, INN/Gwalior, @infodeaofficial

Indeed our government is leaving no rings loosened in reducing the COVID 19 patients in India.

But it has been observed that many of the people are still not taking this disease seriously and are not taking preventive measures to keep themselves and their family safe as from the past few days after the lockdown very few amounts of people were seen wearing their masks and other objects which could help in saving them.

And this is the main reason due to which the more and more COVID-19 cases in India are Going at peak resulting which India has been ranked 3rd by the  World Health Organisation and has also stated that India has even crossed Russia in terms of the COVID-19 cases.

Another report by the WHO which came on Tuesday acknowledged obedience emerging from the airborne spread of the novel coronavirus after a group of scientists urged the Global body to update its guidance on how the respiratory disease passes between people.

The possibility of airborne transmission in public settings especially in very specific conditions crowded closed poorly ventilated this can become a major threat that can also infect a vast number of people surrounding them and can also badly suspect them of the coronavirus.

This is the reason the government has strongly advised all offers to maintain social distancing and according to WHO people should maintain a distance of at least 3.3 feet that is 1 meter.

This includes not only the physical distancing, but it also includes the use of masks where ever appropriate in certain settings, especially where you can’t maintain physical distancing and especially for the Healthcare workers.

The COVID-19 is respiratory less with similar symptoms like influenza flu and the cases of seasonal flu are said to increase during the monsoon months.

Some of the previous research studies I have highlighted that Influenza and SARS  viruses thrive in lower temperatures and humidity.

According to the recent study conducted by the Indian Institute of Technology Mumbai, humid weather during the monsoon can enhance the spread of Novel coronavirus and the base of this study was examined on the basis of the life of droplets released by COVID-19 patients via a cough or sneeze.

Several other types of research and studies around the world also said that higher humidity levels help the novel coronavirus who survive longer and spread faster

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