BillionCheers Introduces Immunity Boosting Probiotic Drink for Kids

Gurgaon headquartered leading nutraceutical manufacturer Fermentis Life Sciences has introduced an Immunity boosting Probiotic drink for kids – Junior Immunity Booster Probiotic -under its family nutrition brand – BillionCheers.

For the uninitiated, probiotics are good bacteria and yeast which when consumed are said to offer health benefits by improving or restoring the gut flora. Fermentis Life Sciences is a leading manufacturer of probiotics having pioneered fridge free powders which don’t need any refrigeration for storage.

“Our proprietary formulations like the Women’s Probiotic Drink and 50 Billion CFUs capsules are already category leaders on leading marketplaces and we are sure this new product will also be loved by kids and mothers alike,” says Dr. Psrakash Chandra Bhatt, Founder of Fermentis Life Sciences.

A PhD from Jamia Hamdard, Dr. Bhatt has worked extensively on pharmaceutical and nutraceutical research and formulations across the world and along with his team of scientists has successfully blended modern nutritional advancements with global traditional medicine.

Increasingly sedentary lifestyles, processed junk foods and antibiotics abuse are the leading factors behind damage to the gut microbiome. It is important to replenish the gut bacteria in human bodies through dietary supplementation to prevent health issues that arise due to poor digestion and gut health.

The worldwide demand for probiotics is witnessing rapid growth year after year and is poised to reach USD 100 Billion by 2027 in the US alone. While the industry is still quite nascent in India, the advent of the Coronavirus pandemic has given rise to a lot of curiosity around functional foods and their impact on improving immunity.

“The building blocks of a strong immune system and good gut health must be laid early on in life. We have curated a synbiotic formulation of 10 Bn CFUs of vital probiotic strains of Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium and also added crucial prebiotic fiber in this drink. Not only will this drink rejuvenate the gut health of the child but also boost overall immunity and energy levels,” says Dr. Bhatt.

Apart from such formulations for the entire family Fermentis Life Sciences has also curated a special probiotic drink for athletes and sportspersons under its sports nutrition brand – MuscleMonk.

With category leading products in the Women’s and Family probiotic space, this Mango flavored Junior Immunity drink by BillionCheers is sure to receive a good reception from Indian parents.

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