Americans who faced unemployment benefits can qualify for free health care coverage

Soumya Thakur, INN/Madhya Pradesh
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The American Rescue plan temporarily giving free health coverage through the affordable care act to people who received unemployment benefits. This is a big step for Americans recovering from the pandemic because this plan temporarily free health care coverage. As per the weekly report, 364,000 Americans filed their first-time unemployment claims, which is almost lower than the previous week’s 415,000 revised initial claims. Joshua Shapiro, chief U.S. economist explained that “In this pandemic as, life normalizes and the service sector continues to gain momentum, so now we expect that initial jobless claims to remain in the downtrend”.

During this pandemic, this is the best news for Americans over the year, such initiate taken by the government for the public will help them to face this pandemic without any concern, zero- premium health care options that come with little to no deductible or copays are now an option through the affordable care act to those who collect unemployment this year. People who have been unemployed at any point this year essentially can get very generous or free health coverage. The funding is now available through the affordable care act and the $1.9 trillion American rescue plan Act which was signed into effect by President Biden this past March. If anyone unemployed this year can take advantage of these vital stimulus unemployment benefits by the government, to get the proper and beneficial health support that each person deserves in this pandemic. People can sign up for coverage on this window will be open via August 15 and savings will run for the rest of the year. People who are already covered through a policy can return to the portal and update their information, which could result in higher allowances.

“We are doing everything we can to remove financial barriers to comprehensive health care,” said Chiquita brooks-laSure, administrator of the centres for Medicare and Medicaid Services in a statement.

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