PM addresses 12th Episode of ‘Mann Ki Baat 2.0’

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Addressing the 12th Episode of ‘Mann Ki Baat 2.0’, Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi said that battle against Corona is being fiercely waged in the country through collective efforts. 

He urged people to be more alert and careful in the midst of the COVID pandemic even as a major segment of the economy has been opened up.

The Prime Minister said, train services have resumed including the Shramik Special trains and special trains with adequate precautionary measures.

He added that flight services have resumed and industry too is returning to normalcy. He cautioned that there should be no laxity and suggested people to maintain ‘do gaj ki doori’ (two yards distancing), wear face masks and stay at home to the extent possible.

He stressed that after so many hardships, the country’s deft handling of the situation should not go in vain.

The Prime Minister hailed the spirit of service shown by our people and called it the biggest strength. He said, we are familiar with the dictum- Sewa Paramo Dharmah; service is a joy in itself….service is a satisfaction in itself. 

Expressing his deepest regards for the medical services personnel across the country, the PM hailed the spirit of service on part of the doctors, nursing staff, sanitation workers, police personnel and media persons of the country. He also praised the remarkable work of Women Self Help Groups during this crisis.

He cited the examples of common countrymen like KC Mohan of Tamil Nadu, Gautam Das of Agartala, Raju a Divyang from Pathankot, who went out of their way despite limited means to help others in this time of crisis.

He added that numerous stories of perseverance of women’s self help groups are coming to the fore from all corners of the country.

PM also commended the efforts of individuals for playing a very proactive role in dealing with this pandemic. He gave the example of Rajendra Yadav of Nasik who devised a sanitization machine attached to his tractor. Many shopkeepers have installed big pipe lines in their shops to adhere to the ‘do gaj ki doori’.

Sharing his pain at the sufferings and hardships of people due the pandemic, the Prime Minister said, Corona virus has afflicted all sections of society but the underprivileged labourers and workers have been the most affected.

PM said that the Centre, State Governments, each and every department and institution are working hand in hand for relief at full speed.

He stated that the entire country understands and feels what they are going through and everyone from the centre, states, to local governance bodies are toiling round the clock.

He praised the people who are relentlessly engaged in safely transporting lakhs of labourers in trains and buses, caring for their food, and arranging for their quarantine in every district.

The Prime Minister highlighted that the need of the hour is devising a new solution. He said, government has taken several steps in this direction.

He added that recent decisions taken by the Centre have opened up vast possibilities of village employment, self employment and small scale industry. He expressed confidence the Atmanirbhar Bharat campaign will take the country to greater heights in this decade.

The Prime Minister reinstated that during the present Corona pandemic, people everywhere want to know more about ‘Yoga’ and ‘Ayurveda’ and adopt it as a way of life. He advocated Yoga for “community, immunity and unity”.

He said that during the present Corona pandemic, Yoga has become all the more important, because this virus affects the respiratory system. In yoga, there are many types of Pranayama that strengthen the respiratory system and the beneficial effects have been witnessed for long.

Furthermore, the PM urged people to share their videos for the International Video Blog competition ‘My Life, My Yoga’, organized by the Ministry of Ayush. PM Modi requested everyone to participate in this competition, and be a part of the upcoming International Yoga Day.

The Prime Minister praised the efforts of the government in combating the pandemic and took pride in sharing that the beneficiaries of ‘Ayushman Bharat’ scheme crossed over one crore.

He also congratulated beneficiaries of ‘Ayushman Bharat’ as well as doctors, nurses and medical staff who treated patients during the pandemic.

The Prime Minister said that at one point we are fighting Coronavirus and also disasters like Cyclone Amphan. He lauded the courage and bravery with which the people of West Bengal and Odisha combat during the super cyclone Amphan.

He sympathized with the losses suffered by farmers in these states while adding that the ordeal they faced and the manner in which they showed their grit and determination is commendable.

Shri Modi said besides the cyclonic calamity, many parts of the country have been affected by locust attacks. He highlighted how the government is working relentlessly during the crisis, so that the common man throughout the country does not have to face the shortage of essential commodities.

Efforts are on and from center to state governments, agriculture department or administration, everybody is involved using modern techniques to help the farmers and reduce crop loss due to this crisis.

The Prime Minister underlined the need for the current generation to go in for realizing their responsibility to save water as well. He stressed on the need to save Rain water and said everyone must strive for water conservation.

He also requested countrymen to serve nature this ‘Environment Day’ by planting some trees and making resolutions in order to forge a daily relationship with nature.

He said that Lockdown has slowed down life but it has given an opportunity to look at nature properly and wild animals have begun to come out more.

The Prime Minister concluded his address while saying that becoming careless or lackadaisical cannot be an option. The fight against Corona is still equally serious!

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