What makes the BS Yediyurappa a demurral to the BJP jurisdiction?

Megha Budhouliya, INN/Madhya Pradesh
@MeghabudhouliyaĀ ,@Infodeaofficial

BS Yediyurappa is now the new sensation of the town since he met PM Modi last week and from where the speculations of his replacement from his leadership have started. After knowing the several gamblings of replacement of Mr.Yediyurappa, many organizations like Lingaa and committee members have come in his support and yet given a straight warning to the BJP. However, BS Yediyurappa also requested their supports and request that, do not do anything altered, which may confound the image of the BJP Party. Whether or not CM of Karnataka steps down from his position, his exceptional performance couldn’t displace his shoes in the Party. Mr. Yerdiyurappa is already a prominent name for the people, not just because he’s CM of Karnataka, Though he’s one of the greatest and strongest leaders of the BJP party itself. His contribution to the Party [BJP] to his leadership is praiseworthy to even not delineate in words.

BS Yediyurappa has already built a record of sorts in the BJP. His work would get notably enhanced if he endures as the state CM ahead of the day when an assemblage of the BJP assembly party is cataloged.

He’s a man of the age of 78 years, through which he also carries a bunch of experiences. BS Yediyurappa is one of the oldest leaders of the Party. He has seen both systole and diastole for the Party and even contributed himself in a way that he can. He holds one of the rare distinctions in the BJP office of being the oldest representative of the party and union ministers, who continued his work even after the age of 75 years, where generally the ministers would attain to take retirement.

BS Yediyurappa is the man who has been credited for bringing the BJP back into leadership in Karnataka, which always seems to be a successor alternative for the BJP Party.

After Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah, Yediyurappa is the man who is so fortunate for the organization to sustain his position as minister. BS Yediyurappa is younger than Punjab CM Amarinder Singh. He is 79 years old. The age factor of the Yediyurappa is the thing that made him one of the finest ministers of the country and remarked him part of the records as well and also includes him in the group of oldest ministers.

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