Xiaomi India head Manu Jain explains ‘zero cost marketing’ claim

Manjil Das, INN/Chennai
Twitter-@SGiggle29 @Infodeaofficial

Xiaomi India has been vocal about their creative advertising systems
via web-based media and how they are an innovator. The
organization's chiefs alongside Manu Kumar Jain, Vice President,
Xiaomi and overseeing chief, Mi India regularly gloat about how
Xiaomi turned into a main smartphone brand in India with "zero cost

In a new post on LinkedIn, while advancing the upcoming Mi 11 Light
smartphone, Manu Jain shared that how Xiaomi’s promoting
development and not showcasing costs has an significant impact on
the organisation.
In the post, Jain stated, " How to do ZERO cost marketing? A lot of
people get amazed by how we became the No. 1 brand in India
without spending any marketing $$. This post is a classic example for
the same. We are about to launch a new smartphone – Mi 11 Lite,
which is the Slimmest & Lightest phone. In order to emphasise this,
our amazing marketing team sent the invitation floating with a helium
balloon. This was to show – “The phone is so Lite. So is the invite.”
While the post collected a lots of acclaim on the online media, people
were desperate for knowing that why Xiaomi’s promoting cost and
financial plan is “zero” when the advertisements of Xiaomi are seen
on every media either print or digital.
Infact, in 2017, Xiaomi even declared Bollywood actress, Katrina
Kaif, as an endorser for its new Redmi Y arrangement in India. Then,
in 2019, Ranveer Singh embraced the Redmi Note 7 arrangement
smart phones. So, Xiaomi is also doing all those marketing campaigns
that other brands are doing to promote their products, then how come
their marketing cost be zero. Also, Xiaomi has effectively began its
advancements for the upcoming Mi 11 Light Smart Phone. A user
wrote on LinkedIn, “Manu Kumar Jain come on now. I am not being

able to watch a single video peacefully at YouTube just because of
repeated ads of Mi 11 lite.”
To this Manu Jain replied, “Nowadays we have started spending a bit
of advertising spends. However, for the 1st three years, we spent
ZERO marketing dollars and yet became the #1 Smartphone brand in
India. Honestly speaking, even today our marketing budget is the
smallest in the industry. Hope this clarifies.
Xiaomi has become one the leading smartphone brands in India
with it’s excellent marketing strategies and best smartphones at
affordable prices.

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